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  1. Billyd

    Something You are Thankful For

    Today I am especially thankful for the men and women who gave their life so I can live in a country where I am free to be Billy and live my life as God guides me.
  2. Billyd

    Georgia man murdered while jogging. Judge declines to press charges

    No, stealing a poor man's newspaper is a capital offense. Calls for at least one load of rock salt.
  3. Billyd

    Georgia man murdered while jogging. Judge declines to press charges

    You can do a lot of things around my house, but don't be stealing my newspaper. That's a sure fire way to get shot.
  4. Billyd

    In Touch Ministries

    Usually my go to service when I can't go to church.
  5. Billyd

    Politics is a joke! Post your favorite political cartoons and jokes (no pun intended :P)

    A family of skunks approached a fork in the path. Papa skunk said "my instincts say we need to go right". Mama skunk replied "I don't know, my instincts say we should go left". One of the little skunks spoke up "my end stinks, and I don't have any idea which way to go".
  6. Billyd


    Has anyone identified a person taking hydroxocloroquin who has contracted covid19? I have found only one.
  7. Billyd

    The lockdowns accomplished absolutely nothing!

    Mark July 4, 2020 on your calendar. Every business that hasn't opened by that date, will reopen on the following Monday, regardless of what the naysayers and politicians say.
  8. Billyd

    Churches are to be classified as essential.

    We have had a large uptick in the number of new cases here so we will continue outdoor and drive up services for at least the next few weeks. A couple of our members work in the midst of the new cases. Thus far they have tested negative.
  9. Billyd

    Georgia man murdered while jogging. Judge declines to press charges

    No matter how many times I watch the video, the fact is still there. A young man was running down the road. At least two men chased him down and jumped out of their truck with shot guns. That immediately became assault (they threatened bodily harm, and he was in fear for his life), and he had...
  10. Billyd

    Just Wanna Praise Him!

    I am always amazed at the ways God uses children to bless his people.
  11. Billyd

    (some) Libraries are open!

    Our library remained open for online service. They maintain a large selection of online books, music, and videos for check out.
  12. Billyd

    Georgia man murdered while jogging. Judge declines to press charges

    IMHO, something stinks with this incident. At least with the recording of it. I see a truck chasing a man. The man running has every right to use deadly force to stop the truck from injuring him. There seems to be a gap in the activity. We hear a gunshot. Then a man trying to take a...
  13. Billyd

    Just Wanna Praise Him!

    Beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice and a great message.
  14. Billyd

    Tough Part of Being Christian

    Impatience. I'm still learning that things work better when I wait on God.
  15. Billyd

    Question for the married members:

    The most important thing that I can tell you is to remember that although you are both one, you are both individuals. In retirement, it is very important that you spend some time apart each day.
  16. Billyd

    Question for the married members:

    I love to make money. Mama loves to spend it. That worked quite well until my health forced me to retire. Now we spend a lot more time together. That took a little adjustment, but it has become a lot of fun making up for all those days we spent on our separate challenges. Don't get me...
  17. Billyd

    Shortages! What shortages?

    Here our twenty four hour stores have been open twelve hours. Their shelves have been about 80 percent stocked. Full carts are always leaving on a regular basis. Labor costs have to be down. Profits have to be up.
  18. Billyd

    What are you watching?

    Today I'm watching the "Life After People" series on the History Channel. If they only knew what I Know!
  19. Billyd

    I miss my hugs

    When I think about the fear we of the Covid19 now see, I am reminded of Howard Hughes. He was so afraid of germs, that he isolated himself from the rest of the world. His last days were long and miserable. No, I just can't see living in a world like that. I still miss my hugs, and I am...