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  1. Bladerunner

    Is the doctrine of limited atonement biblical?

    UnitedWithChrist...I have read your article and agree with it. However, there are a few point(s) that are dangling and the following may clear them up.... Point 1. I blieve there are no-Carnal Christians as the Holy Spirit living within the True Christian will not allow. This would a be a...
  2. Bladerunner

    Did Jesus die for the sins of all mankind?

    Goodevening Garee.. The Key (belief/faith) is not something that can be used occasionally. The belief and faith of the person will begin to change the very nature of the person. A walk, following His teachings through Paul our apostle, to get us a little close to Jesus on a day by day basis...
  3. Bladerunner

    Did Jesus die for the sins of all mankind?

    He died for the sins of the world and in John 3:16.(KJV).." that whosoever believeth in him should not perish ". This is the Key to Salvation and everlasting life. Everyone has the Key, IF they will use it. Blade
  4. Bladerunner

    Mark 8:31 & 9:1 question

    In Isaiah, both prophecies of the Christ and the 2nd coming are written. The leaders of the Church had failed to separate these two prophecies and thus was waiting to a King to return to them as Messiah and rid them of the Roman Army. Shortly after the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem and the...
  5. Bladerunner

    The Cosmos

    Yes, the 7th day (His day of rest) has not yet stopped. I think we are in agreement on the others. Blade
  6. Bladerunner

    The Richman and Lazarus a parable

    OH, How do you know it is in this time period... Seems like to me you are adding to GOD's WORD in the Bible. You know the problem associated with that -do you not? I'll bet you got the Hellenized version from Wikapedia... All I know; is the Bible, GOd's WORD tells us His name was Lazarus. If...
  7. Bladerunner

    The Richman and Lazarus a parable

    NO!... If He died on earth and was raised (resurrected) from the dead by Jesus on Earth, then later died; He died twice and was resurrected once. RIGHT! OK, When He died, the second time, His souls went to heaven. As He was a Jewish Person living in the Kingdom Gospel dispensation, He would...
  8. Bladerunner

    The Richman and Lazarus a parable

    WHat is Highly unlikely? Please sir..state your case! Blade
  9. Bladerunner

    The Richman and Lazarus a parable

    You have this Lazarus from the story of the Richman and Lazarus (poor man) and you have the resurrection of 'Lazarus of Bethany ' .. This Lazarus died Twice as he was resurrected once. He is the only one in the Bible that I know of that Died TWICE and is in Heaven awaiting the OT saints to be...
  10. Bladerunner

    The Richman and Lazarus a parable

    two different people. The other died twice. Blade
  11. Bladerunner

    Rev 6:1&2 The white horseman,

    Agree, It cannot be Jesus Christ, simply because HE is the one opening the Scroll that His father handed to HIM. Blade
  12. Bladerunner

    The Richman and Lazarus a parable

    You left out one criteria...In parables, there are no Names of People within,. The Richman and Lazarus is NOT , I repeat NOT a parable Bl;ade
  13. Bladerunner

    The Cosmos

    Understand, was just using it to answer another post. The Sabbath on earth is 24 HRS still. Blade
  14. Bladerunner

    The Cosmos

    yowm is translated into 54 different words in the Bible. 1181 out of 1480 occurences have it as DAY..... Look to Exodus 20:11.."For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed...
  15. Bladerunner

    Leviticus Question

    Seeker47... It is all through the Bible. Read at least the first 13 chapters of Isaiah and you will see an ebb and flow of the people following GOD and the punishments when they did not. In the first 13 chapters the Assyrians conquered the Nothern Kingdom. The people were assimilated within the...
  16. Bladerunner

    Methuselah and the flood

    NO, Methusalah did not die in the flood. In fact, it was prophesied that the flood would come after He Died and it did. His name means "His death shall Bring" Blade
  17. Bladerunner

    Charismatic - Losing Faith (Healing)

    You are right about the Kingdom of GOD being spirtual in nature. All within the 'Body of Christ' are part of the Kingdom of GOD.. On the other hand, the Kingdom of Heaven was preached to the Jewish people. They, three times rejected it by killing John the Baptist, Jesus Christ and Stephen...
  18. Bladerunner

    If homosexuality is a sin, then why didn't Jesus say anything about it?

    Try reading post #27 carefully.... Blade
  19. Bladerunner

    How did the giants survive a global flood?

    God tells us that Noah, his Wife and their three Sons were perfect in their generations.(DNA). The three wives of the sons were taken a few days prior to the flood and were originally part of the civilization that DIED. Using genetics, God allowed this as the safest way to introduce Giants to...
  20. Bladerunner

    What exactly is "Free Will"

    Free-Will is the ability for each person to decide for themselves within their own minds what they want to do on a variety of subjects without outside interference. Does GOD interfere with your lifestyle or world view... Blade