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    The better Socialist....

    Trump maybe hard for some to handle but isn't he better than a Socialist?
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    Is God the Creator of life? When does life begin? When is it ok, with God, to murder? ..... In utero?.... Post utero?....less than 1 second to 120 years old????.....
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    What are your New Year resolutions?
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    a clear and in president danger

    If Trump is a clear and in president danger is selfdefiant, why has Pelosi not sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate?
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    Does God Want People in Heaven With Him?

    Does God put restrictions on salvation,like works, baptism, predestination or is this stuff just man made because man cannot grasp grace from an all loving yet Holy God; Salvation is a free gift of God but man must do the hardest thing he/she will ever do humble themselves and say I am a sinner...
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    Should President Trump be Impeached?

    If you vote please explain answer.....
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    When was Creation?

    When was Creation? Defend your answer....
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    Is Jesus found in the O.T.?

    Can you out of the Old Testament only prove Jesus is Messiah? When Jesus was on the Earth, as human, the people of tat time, only had the Old Testament, Suptuaget Scripture, and had to believe Jesus was the Messiah. Today we have the New Testament, but could you believe if you had only the Old...
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    Are part of the worldview and calling ourselves Christian?

    (If I) .... I am a man 6" 4" and 350 lb. Born a male. I have decided I should be a girl.... I feel like a girl inside.... I decide I am really a girl... It is now legal for me go go to the women's bathroom in the U.S. Are you as a christian just going to go with the flow and shake your head but...
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    I was speaking to a Christian brother about the rapture. He pointed out that God did not take Noah out of the world, but protected him and family in the ark during the destruction of the world. Meaning, we as Christians will be here during the tribulation, but protected. I thought about this...
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    the Kurds

    Why do Muslims HATE Sunni Muslims.... the Kurds?
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    should the world rejoice?

    Let the World rejoice! A GREAT EVIL IS DEAD!!! Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is DEAD!!! I remember when Osama bin Laden was killed I had friends with a false righteousness think it was evil that we celebrated his death. We "argued" that day over what the Bible said about the death of the wicked...
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    storing up treasures in heaven?

    Do you think about laying/storing up treasures in heaven? What are those treasures? I believe I know what that is, but what is to you? Is it something you do with a purpose or just happens maybe by the you live? What are the treasures the Scripture speak about?
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    Salvation of Jews?

    There is what the Bible says about the salvation of Jews; then there is what Christians believe. This pole is to see what Christians believe vs. the Bible.... Please expand/ give comment on your vote.....
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    The pagan rituals of celebrating the dead go back to Bible times for the heathen. Then the "church" (term used loosely) Catholic Church honored the dead Saints and because the dates were so close they merged as one. A few questions here... Should Christians participate in Halloween...
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    I'm moving. A big move across country. From OH to SD. I do not know if I can ask this on here because it might be considered soliciting business for a company, but it is a real honest question.... Is there a moving company you would recommend for such a move. What I want is a company that will...
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    Tax Law

    There are so many Dems that promise to forgive student loan debt if they are elected. Now I love that idea; I have over 100,000K in student loan debt. I have to tell you a story. A sad but true story. So please get out your "little violin" for me. Really soft hearted people get tissue too...
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    Should President Trump be impeached?

    Has President Trump committed High crimes that he should be impeached? Or do you really not understand impeachment... So you do not know? ....
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    Did God change from the Old Testament to the New Testament?

    Did God change from the Old Testament to the New Testament? I asked my son today do you know why God does not smite people like Sodom and Gomorrah today....? He said no. I explained to him God did not change but He is being patient now that Messiah has come and waiting for people to be saved/...
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    let there be a divide among My Word

    When/ why did Scripture just stop bing Scripture and it divided between Calvin and Arminian? Did God chance and say let there be a divide among My Word? Or are people just idiots? Can there be a middle somewhere or did just all the centuries before just did not know better so millions are going...