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  1. TemporaryCircumstances

    New Plan

    So some of you here know my situation at home. I have decided to go and graduate high school early so I can move out and get myself on my feet earlier. I am making this thread to ask advice from those who may have went down this path? I have talked this through with my guidance counselor and...
  2. TemporaryCircumstances

    How to go about telling my mother about our relationship

    So, apparently someone told my mother that I hate it at her house, and I feel as if we don't have a good relationship. Which is true, but it has been this way for years. We've tried fixing it by talking it out and coming up with a plan to stop arguing and all of that, but every time it fails so...
  3. TemporaryCircumstances

    French Election

    I don't know what to say about it, just thought I'd open up the conversation if anyone knows anything about it. I know what the news has told me lol
  4. TemporaryCircumstances

    Vegetarian Athlete

    Well, I was at volleyball practice tonight and I got sick (my stomach hurt) and my parents believe it may be because of my diet. I still eat fish, but here is what my normal diet is like (it's not good I know don't judge) Breakfast, oatmeal sometimes maybe an apple Lunch, nothing or a salad or...
  5. TemporaryCircumstances

    Need a New Place to Live

    So, We pay $610 dollars in monthly rent for our apartment (if you have read some of my previous posts you may know that it's not the best or healthiest place to live, but it a place nevertheless) Anyhow, management changed in our apartment, and the new management wants to raise the rent to $850...
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    So, I've been trying to find a new therapist. Our search has come to them either taking people older than 14, or not having available slots. Which really sucks, but just pray that we get at least some success rate soon.
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    Is empathy something you can teach or is it natural?
  8. TemporaryCircumstances

    Brother can't control anger

    My 10 year old brother has had problems with anger for a few years now. He claims that he does not know why he hurts people (kids at school and teachers) and he can't control himself. This is hard for me because 1) He is my brother I've known him since he was born and we have always been...
  9. TemporaryCircumstances

    How to Improve your self confidence

    I am making this thread because I had a volleyball game tonight, and the suggestions I got to better myself got me thinking. Something someone said was; You are a better player than those on higher teams, but what separates you is your confidence. She KNOWS she can hit the ball or serve it...
  10. TemporaryCircumstances

    An Amazing Opportunity

    I've been nominated for an amazing opportunity that has to do with academics. It would be soooo wonderful to be able to do it, and would look amazing on my record, But, one set back already is the cost we would have to pay. I am requesting prayers that this works out, And if it doesn't, Well...
  11. TemporaryCircumstances

    What are We Going to Do?.....

    Me and my family are living in an apartment, very broken down, moldy apartment, and the people there hate us. Well, We currently bought a trailer home and we were gonna move it out of Pueblo and into where we live, But today the pipe broke and so we have to pay the plumber to fix it, and then...
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    Could the Jews have accepted Jesus thereby preventing the cross and ushering in redemption then?
  13. TemporaryCircumstances

    Christmas Eve.....

    So um, I am spending Xmas eve with my mother and she has said she wants me to get more knowledgeable about the church she went to as a kid so she is making me go to a Catholic Church >. < I really hate going to different churches let alone Catholic.......... I really don't want to go......
  14. TemporaryCircumstances

    Job- Who Can Relate?

    Who Can Relate? Your words have supported those who stumbled; You have strengthened faltering knees. But now trouble comes to you and you are discouraged; It strikes you and you are dismayed. ~Job 4:4-5 Why is light given to those in misery, and life to the bitter of soul, To those who who...
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    Can Every Sin Be Forgiven or Only Unintended ones?

    Hebrews 10:26 If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left
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    My old friend

    I used to have a friend, she is probably still one of the people I care about sooooooo much and would do anything for, but some circumstances broke up our communication. Long story short, she had a REALLY rough time, and constantly put her life in danger. I got an update about her and she has...
  17. TemporaryCircumstances

    Update on seeing my father

    So, I saw my father tonight. It actually went really well. We started out just sitting and doing the awkward talking thing lol. And eventually he was just like "Let's dance" So we danced for two hours, and it actually turned out to be really fun and I was laughing and he was laughing. Hopefully...
  18. TemporaryCircumstances

    Seeing my Father

    Well.... I made a decision that I want to see my father. It will be for two hours this Saturday. He has been.....a bit violent with me in the past so others in my life aren't thrilled about it. I'm super nervous that it's just going to become a session where he can put me down and remind me of...
  19. TemporaryCircumstances

    Sore throat

    Over the past two days I have not been able to talk. My throat is incredibly sore and swollen and when I cough it just increases how much it hurts. I've tried cough drops, and medicine, and tea but none has helped. Pray this get better soon >. <
  20. TemporaryCircumstances

    Prayers for my school district

    Last year, and possibly the year(s) before that we've had a high suicide rate and it's taking a toll on the teachers a students, understandably. Pray that they will reach out to someone before they make that choice ♡