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  1. Gregoryp

    The days are ticking down folks

  2. Gregoryp

    It is true I know someone who has gone through all 22 and came out the other side loving his God and Jesus
  3. Gregoryp

    New age Christianity this is becoming a huge issue, particularly in christian groups on Facebook and on my Facebook feed.
  4. Gregoryp

    You have been warned

    A game changer for anyone who hasn't been decieved by organised religion
  5. Gregoryp

    Common sense prevails Yay, many people would have prayed for this including me.
  6. Gregoryp

    The decay of the church

    So, here in Australia, two male priests are getting married in an Anglican church. The ceremony will be performed by the local bishop. Loud applause by the parishioners Sunday. So it has come to this. The end times are here.
  7. Gregoryp

    Obedience to the Lord was called to read Deuteronomy this morning, it is something that is a thorn in my side, thought I would share.
  8. Gregoryp

    Be discerning with organised religion Always seek Jesus from within, you don't need circus acts and fake christians to develop as a follower of Christ. All fall short of the glory of Christ. Be discerning
  9. Gregoryp


    Hi, just wondering if anyone has been called to prophecy? And what their journey was like to get there. Mine is most unusual (for me anyway). I have been close to Jesus for a very long time, and of course , spiritual. So I doubt very much what I have been told to do is from the enemy, but the count
  10. Gregoryp

    hello and help

    Greetings from Wodonga Australia. was wondering if anyone else has been called to prophecy, and if so, what happened? I am going through an amazing journey here, looking for advice