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  1. Gregoryp

    How can singles do the Lord's work?

    I seem to be set aside for a purpose, for over two years now I have been alone with the lord in prayer, meditation and spiritual guidance. I too am single. What his purpose is, I don't know as of yet. So to summarise, await on the lord, he will indicate when its time to start the mission...
  2. Gregoryp

    The lockdowns accomplished absolutely nothing!

    please! for those of you confused, please listen to this ladies press conference, it will clear up any confusion of fear you may have, its really that simple
  3. Gregoryp

    how can we "see" God and illogical atheism

    The darkness does not like the light to be shone in there faces. They will flee from it. This is why a lot of homosexuals etc deny God even exists. If they did, they would have to stop there sinning ways, they wont do that.
  4. Gregoryp

    The lockdowns accomplished absolutely nothing!

    we have a state premier (governor to you ) here in Australia, who refuses to relax or stop lockdown laws, and always talks up the dangers of this virus and that we will all die. Now we find out that he has been borrowing billions of dollars from China for his state, has been to china many times...
  5. Gregoryp

    The lockdowns accomplished absolutely nothing!

    Italy? No, you have been duped as far as Italy is concerned
  6. Gregoryp

    The Reason You are Told that God No Longer Speaks.

    He speaks loud and clear, I hear his voice very often. Parables , scripture, stories, sharing scenarios, you just have to have the empty mind to hear him. I have not been involved in organised religion, all my learning has come from prayer and the Holy Spirit, heck, I havent even read the bible...
  7. Gregoryp

    Why would a Christian wear a Prayer Shawl?

    My perception is, Adam and Eve covered as they were ashamed of there nudity/sin. As Jesus died on the cross for forgiveness of those sins, no garment will glorify you or be of much significance. I and many others I know of, need no garments at all to worship God/Jesus. I also assume the mention...
  8. Gregoryp

    God In A Tea Cup

    Even simpler; Born again, repurposed, God/Jesus are the truth, and the truth will set you free.
  9. Gregoryp

    the biggest problem: sex.

    I do feel that God shows lenience with holy matrimony divorce etc, why? Because man marries out of sinful desire or pragmatism. All it does is create bad feelings between two people who shouldn't have committed themselves to each other in the first place. It does everyone including the Lord a...
  10. Gregoryp

    False teachers, is it our duty to rebuke them?

    maybe I am set aside for a purpose? Anyway I was never satisfied with prosperity theology , nor the rituals and noise. You can exhort people within your sphere of influence, and besides, trying to get these people back on the right path is nigh on impossible .
  11. Gregoryp

    False teachers, is it our duty to rebuke them?

    prosperity theology has done a lot of damage to chrisitianity. It causes them to lose focus on the truth, and chase rainbows. That wont get them to heaven.
  12. Gregoryp

    False teachers, is it our duty to rebuke them?

    and this is why many years ago I stopped going to organised religion and connected with God by myself . The past 8 years in particular have been wonderful, I am a changed person and my knowledge has grown substantially in that time. If I was involved in a church it probably wouldn't have happened.
  13. Gregoryp

    False teachers, is it our duty to rebuke them?

    The only way is the truth. Light always outshines darkness. From what I have experienced, trying to tell a rusted on catholic they are wrong in so many ways prove it, is futile. They get angry and wont listen.
  14. Gregoryp

    Something You are Thankful For

    Giving thanks for my freedom, the gift of the Holy Spirit , the personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God, the fact this corona virus hoax has not affected me financially or personally, life is the same as it was before this nonsense started. Thanks to the mighty God, the truth always...
  15. Gregoryp

    Nothing but questions.

    If I am sitting in a car, am I a passenger or the driver? Could I be both at the same time?
  16. Gregoryp

    Funniest things in your church..

    He did leap in the air lol. But kept preaching, this was Easter Friday, so many non demoninational people were there btw.
  17. Gregoryp

    Midnight Confessions

    Mine is over thinking and questioning Gods answers to prayers, especially when I think it doesn't make sense when he tells me to do something or to have trust that things will work out. A bad habit hard to break
  18. Gregoryp

    Funniest things in your church..

    This was an easter outdoor function, many different religions were present. Up on stage was a cross made by the congregation, two pieces of oak bolted together on a stand . As we were sitting in the park, the priest was sharing a story of how a lady of his congreation died of cancer and she...
  19. Gregoryp

    "Not by works" - false!

    If it worked that way, no one would enter the gates of heaven. A very simple test for you, send a woman in a bikini into the church Sunday morning and see what happens within seconds. Lust, anger, envy would immediately happen, which means everyone in the building would be going to hell. I don't...
  20. Gregoryp

    Deliverance from demons

    Being an empathI know exactly what you mean. The attacks are constant . but as soon as you mention Jesus and tell them he is God in the flesh, they go silent, only to try again later. Its a constant battle