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  1. angiemaima6

    Need an amen?!

    Okay, so i have this one post on my candy addictions and mentioned some addiction of candy. There is more to that but i know my God is amazing and He will do great things in my life! I suffer anxiety however when off meds i have schizophrenia or psychosis as they say. If you don't know what it...
  2. angiemaima6

    My addiction to candy

    I don't know if this is spiritual or mental but i am very addicted to eating a lot of candy. I feel like it full fills me. I ask God to please take away any addiction that doesn't belong to me. Anyone know of anything i can eat apart from candy or.. any videos on it that can help?
  3. angiemaima6

    Word of wisdom<3

    Hello God bless you all! I've been a member here but decided to come back because God has been restoring my life and awakening my soul. Now, i barely have no friends but i'm not complaining i have Jesus. I do have a little problem.. when i get lonley i go online and start to meet people, i've...