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  1. Lanolin

    what its like to be rich

    the book 'crazy rich asians' was quite a popular bestseller and became a movie. The author, Kevin Kwang who hails from the extremely wealthy and moneyed class himself, writes about these absurdities such as rich people giving their wealth to investors and hedge fund managers to invest on their...
  2. Lanolin

    on funerals

    yes Lazarus. I have yet to attend one where the deceased woke up. Would love to witness that actually.
  3. Lanolin

    "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED......" for those that dont believe a sprinkling of flour can stop the violence.
  4. Lanolin

    "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED......"

    that was back in 1981 though when springbox toured nz. It was done after a rugby match.
  5. Lanolin

    "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED......"

    are they gonna start issuing bullet proof vests along with masks now. arent lawful gun owners also protesting as well? Or is the divide actually clear as mud. hmm gun owners vs someone unarmed with a placard. what about the gun owners WITH a placard. In nz the protesters used flour bombs...
  6. Lanolin

    Yes, This Does Embarrass Me

    huh, maybe they are all drunk and stoned anyway so it doesnt matter to them what they die of first. isnt this universal amongst certain types of college students? not just alabamans.
  7. Lanolin

    The church cc vs other churches

    the diference with online CC and tradtional churches is with CC you can 'chat' via writing things down rather than speaking out loud. and you can do this at any time not just two hours once a week..and distance isnt a barrier. So I would say its just a different way of gathering and...
  8. Lanolin

    What will we eat in Heaven - according to scripture?

    Mangoes? I hope there's mangoes.
  9. Lanolin

    "the bible is fiction"

    well shes only in her 20s and she hasnt actually read it so she was just saying 'isnt the Bible fiction?' I think there was a bit of room for her to explore as I was like what? no way. Havnt you ever heard of a place called Israel? And there is all archeological evidence, but she just grew up...
  10. Lanolin

    The white Jesus

    Jesus lineage was from tribe of Judah, making him Jewish. Judaism sprang from the religion the Judah tribe stuck with (which was extra biblical when they started adding their own customs and interpretations to Mosaic laws). Judah was just one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Collectively they are...
  11. Lanolin

    Judgemental Christians

    new show coming up Christian Judgearama this is the show where people get to judge all they like. The contestants all enter to walk on a stage and a panel of 12 random people start judging after 60 seconds of seeing them. The contestants are not allowed to say anything to defend themselves...
  12. Lanolin

    Things NOT to say on your first date....

    I wore my stickiest lipstick.
  13. Lanolin

    Singles Forum Marriage Match-Making. (humor)

    I saw one post on here asking for someone to die at the same time as them, holding hands. It really put me off for some reason. What if you dont want to die at the same time?! And who is going to organise the funeral?
  14. Lanolin

    Why Don't We Hear About Single Christian Women Looking for Husbands in Other Countries?

    yeh some people do that, marrying for residency. Some people are more pragmatic than romantic in their marriage choices. if you dont want to live in the country you are born in, you emigrate to another. in many countries marriage means you can become a permanent resident it actually confers on...
  15. Lanolin

    Which bible story do you think the coronavirus pandemic mirrors most closely if any and why?

    blind post... well miriam was placed in quarantine for 7 days outside the camp though she was given leprosy for dissing Moses and not believing that he was Gods anointed. (many dont believe coronavirus could touch them, just cos they are religious) But Noahs ark quarantine was about 40 days...
  16. Lanolin

    Things NOT to say on your first date....

    the restaurant is BYO. Did you BYO?
  17. Lanolin

    Do men prefer women who don't all?!

    on seconds thought...guns are too forward. But there are gunshot weddings.
  18. Lanolin

    Do men prefer women who don't all?!

    chasing with flowers or guns?
  19. Lanolin

    Singles Forum Marriage Match-Making. (humor)

    the 'how big a tv will we own' is the trojan horse.
  20. Lanolin

    "the bible is fiction"

    although, I am going to start on The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, which I suppose you could call science fiction or dystopia. The Handmaids Tale actually did reference the Bible quite a bit, its set in 'the republic of Gilead' Gilead being a biblical name, and the handmaids refer to Rachel...