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    Good day
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    Good day
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    Hello, How are you?
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    I need a Godly mature person to talk with relate, tell my mind Iam going through a time now
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    I need advice

    I am in a relationship of 10month, and we love each other well. How will I cope with my fiance that is so abusive n never accept his wrong but if I try to correct him he will flare up n start abusing me. I'm fed up
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    A friend

    Have gone through post and chats and I'm blessed by peoples words. I need a good friend that I can also fall back to discuss with and tell my feelings, I need aGodly friend that will always advice me in God way.
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    The what helps in trials

    For anyone going through trials n temptation , let such sing praises to God that will open the gate of heaven bringing God down to the situation Apart from that listen songs that You love it helps to cool down .
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    Women should not be allowed to preach in church

    According to 1Tim 2 v 12 , saying women should not be allowed to lead . why is the scripture saying this? but this days we have great women of God.Can we now say they are working against the scripture ?
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    How easy can one come out of depression , I don't feel like reading , written , singing or listening to music not even have friends to talk to . What else can help?
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    I need prayer on marriage

    I want the saint to pray for me to get a God given husband very soon
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    iWhat will i do

    I'm been pressurized to get married and yet I have not gotten anyone. I'm feeling depressed n lonely with no friend to talk to
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    You are what you listen to

    Everyone should know that whatever you are listening to is what you are.Christian should exhibit Godly ways by listening to music that will glorify the name of God in their lives.Bad music brings bad thought that leads to bad behavior .God bless
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    our life

    Why do God allow devil to trouble his Children
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    I'm new good to have people here , I will be looking forward to have blessed friends .