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  1. SkittlePumpkin


    "And on that day they offered great sacrifices, rejoicing because God had given them great joy. The women and children also rejoiced. The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away." Nehemiah 12:43 Notice that it doesn't say they rejoiced because their lives were awesome. It doesn't...
  2. SkittlePumpkin

    New and Improved

    Hello people of CC :o So it's been a while. I haven't been on since December of last year and let me tell you, that was the worst month of my life. I was extremely stressed and depressed. In January of this year, God took me on an amazing journey of self love and acceptance; things were looking...
  3. SkittlePumpkin

    Things our parents told us

    Those little white lies that were told in order to motivate us to do or not do certain things. Or because they just didn't know how to answer certain questions. When I was really little, my mom told me that worms would grow in my tummy if I drank the bath water. To this day I have severe...
  4. SkittlePumpkin

    It's my CC-versary. Party on.

    As of today, I have been on CC for one year. The day I joined was one of the absolute worst days I've ever experienced in terms of my anxiety/depression. I'm pretty sure I spent the majority of that night weeping uncontrollably for no reason. I am pleased to say that, this same day one year...
  5. SkittlePumpkin

    Skittlepumpkin: Making dorky things kinda cute since just now.

    So my dad's getting married this weekend and he asked if I could sing a song of his choosing. Right away, I was sure of two things: 1. The song he chose would be from the '60s/'70s 2. The song he chose would be incredibly dorky. Sure enough, I was right on both counts. The song is called Love...
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    So the other day on Facebook, my dad shared the following post: "HEY! You "Christian" girls showing off your half naked bodies, way more than necessary, and getting MEN commenting and liking and oogling over you...STOP!!!!! Frankly it's embarrassing!!!! I am not about to excuse it and tell...
  7. SkittlePumpkin

    it's my baptiversary!

    Nine years ago today, koalateaharmony and I were baptized in a river together! Such a joyous, special day! :D <3
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    Is age REALLY just a number

    So today is senior's day at my work, and I cannot tell you how many people have been grossly offended by my asking if they qualify for the discount. First of all, the senior's discount age here is pretty young; it's only fifty-five. Now, this has got me to thinking; people (women especially)...
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    Happy Canada Day!

    To all my fellow Canadianites :D
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    ain't no one tryna tell me God's got no sense of humour

    So I posted this on Facebook the other day; wanted to share it here, too :) I swear, I've read this passage a thousand times before and never noticed now awesome it is :p Oh, Jesus...gotta love Him :D What Bible passages have you read that have made you literally LOL?
  11. SkittlePumpkin

    hello all you shiny happy people

    Goodness me, I feel I've not been here in a million years! I wanted to share an excerpt from my devotional this morning. Be blessed and encouraged, my friends :) "When fear tries to grab hold of me God doesn’t say, Come on now! Be brave! He doesn’t demand, you stop being so afraid! Haven’t I...
  12. SkittlePumpkin

    Things Get Better

    Everything will be okay. not because I decided it would be; because God said it would be :o
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    I get REALLY intimidated by people around my own age. Like...they scare me O.o I feel a lot more comfortable around people who are older than me. Occasionally, I click with a person my own age and feel comfortable around them. Even when I'm in the chat lounge here; as soon as the room starts...
  14. SkittlePumpkin

    Christmas presents...

    Next time I decide to hand make everyone's Christmas gifts, I'm not procrastinating. Should've started back in August. This is madness, I tell ya.
  15. SkittlePumpkin

    A Different Kind Of Love

    I used to wonder what it was that really sets apart, in terms of showing love, Christians and those who do not know Christ. I know a lot of people who are not Christians who are very kind people, whom I have seen performing acts of love and kindness to those around them. Then it hit me; it's...
  16. SkittlePumpkin

    The Most Beautiful

    There's an awful lot of beauty in this world; God is, after all, the master artist. What's something that you've seen that has stood out to you above all else? Where you were like, "this...this right here has got to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life." It can be as...
  17. SkittlePumpkin

    Because You Never Know

    Right, so I posted this a while back in a forum; thought it would be a good blog thing :) Something that happened to me a while back that I really felt led to share with all of you :) I hope you feel blessed and encouraged after reading it <3 I'm quite a shy person; I also suffer from...
  18. SkittlePumpkin

    Good Health

    Hello CC people :) So I went to the doctor last week to get checked for IBS...after about six years of having IBS-like symptoms, because I'm silly and procrastinate :rolleyes: I went for a blood test, and today I went back for a follow-up. The doctor said that my abnormal test results could...
  19. SkittlePumpkin

    That awkward moment when

    Alright, it's time to have a big awkward party and share those really awkward, embarrassing moments that made you want to facepalm yourself so hard that it would literally obliterate you into a million pieces! I could have oh so many of these, but this is one moment in particular that stands...
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    You're all invited to my potluck because you're all so lovely :) What kind of scrumptious goody will you bring? I will bring delicious rainbow cupcakes :D I actually did make these XD