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  1. love_comes_softly

    Is it a bad witness for a Christian pastor to marry someone 30 years younger?

    First thought, 30 years seems unwise and irresponsible, so I don’t think it would be alright.
  2. love_comes_softly

    If 2020 was a food.....

    Great idea, @Pipp, but goodness did this thread make me gag! 🤮😂 I would have to say that if 2020 were a food for me it would be Asparagus. Smells so yummy and is just a stringy mess. With some questionable after effects. 🤷‍♀️
  3. love_comes_softly

    Be My Guest! (It's the Singles Forum Personality Test, Part 3.)

    I agree Melita, it depends on the family/friends. If I’m not super close I’d be a B without technology though. I just want to be behind the scenes. I do like to help, but not to the point of making anyone uncomfortable. If I’m at a good friend or family members house where I feel...
  4. love_comes_softly

    Bon Appetit! (It's the Singles Forum Personality Test, Part 2.)

    I’d have to go with ordering pizza and calling it good. I’d be so stressed meeting his parents that I wouldn’t want to mess up the food. I could make a salad to go with the pizza. I was tempted to say go to a restaurant, but I like the idea of a more personal/private setting. I suppose I...
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    Testing, Testing... The Singles Forum REAL Personality Test!

    I completely agree with this! : ) I’d be stressed though and hope that nobody ever asks me to watch their fish, as I’ve never been able to keep one alive. The last fish I had was a gift named Lucky, from the preschool. The day after I received the gift the kids were all excited to ask about...
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    Midnight Confessions

    Thank you for this precious reminder. 💗💗
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    How can singles do the Lord's work?

    We are each called to do the Lord’s work no matter our relationship status. It’s pretty special because single people often have a different group of people that they minister to. You can do this I’m so many ways. The easiest and hardest way, is to live a life that glorifies the Lord. People...
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    Travel bug

    I love traveling and just started traveling later in my adult life. I typically always travel with someone, unless I meeting someone in a particular spot. One of the things that I’m most looking forward to, should the world return to some normalcy again is traveling to see my friend in TN and...
  9. love_comes_softly

    What's the harsh reality no one accepts?

    That you shouldn’t place your hope in people.
  10. love_comes_softly

    If you could go back in time, what would you change or choose differently?

    I would not say, “next time”. We are not promised a next time.
  11. love_comes_softly

    Midnight Confessions

    Overwhelmed with so many different emotions; it’s exhausting.
  12. love_comes_softly

    the singles

    Free :cool: Available
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    Midnight Confessions

    It certainly is such an odd experience. One that I couldn't have imagined taking place. Love your picture!
  14. love_comes_softly

    Midnight Confessions

    Praying tomorrow is a much better day. <3
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    Random game.

  16. love_comes_softly

    What are some of your biggest turnoffs?

    Someone who has lots of money or has a love of money.
  17. love_comes_softly

    What are some of your biggest turnoffs?

    Arrogance or someone who thinks they are above others.
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    Working on our singleness

    I’m sorry you’ve only had the experience of being around unhappily married people. Marriage is and can be a beautiful things. I’d disagree that marriage isn’t fun for most woman. Maybe for those you know, but in general, I’d say most people enjoy being married. @cinder I think the key to...