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  1. Reformyourself

    Last person to post wins!!!

    This is my last post number 777 When I began, I built up a little fellowship of what I believe are real Christians on cc. Nehemiah6 Deuteronomy. Eternally-gratefull. BlessedCreator Jeremiahscup. GaryA Dino-246. Tabinrivka. Diakanos Tourist. Oldthenew Cristian-gavrilrscue Myrtletrees...
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    A Question Thread.

    was just talking about me 😉
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    Speak Your Mind.

  4. Reformyourself

    Speak Your Mind.

  5. Reformyourself

    Not By Works

    Filthy rags 😐
  6. Reformyourself

    Questions about JW’s

    In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with G_D and The Word Was G_D-Jesus is the image of the invisible G_D-this can only be revealed by The Lord, so will pray that He reveals this to you dear 🙏
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    A Question Thread.

    Each to their own 😐
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    "Jack of All Arts" is my Ongoing Testimony [not chronological] and Autobiography in the Making.

    I never ‘got’ poetry, (except for what’s in The Bible) But yours speaks volumes. Thankyou 😁
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    What is the Price of Wisdom?

    Seek and I will find...blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled 😁
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    Lets laugh together!