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  1. yac11

    Tests results yield no explanation ....need more prayer

    I am asking again for prayer for my daughter. She just had a series of tests to determine why her body is failing her. She had these test MRI's four years ago and now again last week. This time she had an additional 2 MRI's compared to 4 years ago. To our astonishment we were once again told...
  2. yac11

    Please pray concerning daughter

    I am asking for prayers for my daughter. Tomorrow she is having scans done to determine what is wrong. She went through this 4 years ago and nothing showed up. She has lived in pain and takes several medications for the last 4 years all the while trying to work and finish school. She just wanted...
  3. yac11

    Miracle on the Highway
  4. yac11

    The wonders of MSM...known also as Methylsulfonylmethane

    As soon as I saw this thread on Natural Health....this immediately came to mind. Back in 2000, I had a severe foot issue and it was discovered to be Plantar fasciitis. I will never forget it....was walking from the parking lot into work and it felt like I was walking on glass. Every step felt as...
  5. yac11

    Pray for a favorable outcome so I can continue to walk

    Hey guys, I just had MRI done on my left foot. It shows that my fall resulted in a Lisfranc fracture. Very serious and not many get this type of injury. They didn't get it as soon as possible for various reasons. Could you all just pray that the ligament of the Lisfranc was not damaged even...
  6. yac11

    I need prayer that my wedding ring will be found

    Today I had to go for MRI. Daughter came with and short of the long story is that I forgot I had jewelry on. So I gave all to my daughter. She apparently put them in her purse instead of my purse because she was more interested in watching that the man who was doing nothing to assist me in...
  7. yac11

    Girl stabbed in California, possibly by 12 year old brother

    I was wanting everyone to read this article and pray and pray for all concerned. Dad wants evidence in girl's stabbing
  8. yac11

    What do new Christians want to talk about?

    I for one would like to know if others find themselves in a new strange world? Though I have known of a God since I was a teen and had said the Prayer of Salvation back in 2002, it wasn't until 2011 that I was filled with the Holy Spirit while also receiving healing. Now all I can seem to do is...
  9. yac11

    Forgot to add

    Hey, I have been a Christian for 10 years, and in the last few years have received His Holy Spirit. I love our God. I want to do His will.
  10. yac11

    Hi, I am new and happy to be here.

    I am excited to join in on meaningful discussions.