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    If you'd like share with us the thing or things that mystify you, that you've never been able to quite figure out.
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    Here in the US we continue to have these school shootings. Are you having this problem in your country?
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    Criss Angel & David Blain

    These two men are very unique in what they do. I don't see any one else that are on the same level as these guys. What's up with these guys. What are they really doing if anything? Why is it that what they do is so unique. Why aren't there more people that do what they do? Is there any thing...
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    Is there some spiritual reason why sex seems to have so much power over people?
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    Separation of Christ and job

    We all need our jobs, but are we to silence ourselves concerning Christ because we are at work? Do we put Jesus away at the beginning of or shift and pull Him back out at the end of our shift. Do we turn those away that seek our spiritual advice and prayer? Are we not to acknowledge Him for...
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    Lady gaga & the muppets

    Lady gaga & the muppets on Thanksgiving night. Well gather grandpa, grandma, the kids and the whole family after dinner .Lady gaga & the muppets will be on ABC for an evening of wholesome fun. Lol
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    Figuring out 50

    If you are 50 or older what is your experiance with being 50?
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    The People We Meet

    In our lives we meet so many people over the years. All the people that we meet, were we destined or supposed to meet them. If so, then why.
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    Everything must change, nothing stays the same

    How have things changed for you over the course of your life. Here's how its gone for me. I had a great childhood and two good parents. The teenage years were a blast! I had a really beautiful girlfriend. That relationship lasted for eight years. The party continued on into my twenties, I became...
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    The Mind, the Spirit and Mental Illness

    I was reflecting back to my high school days and I thought about three young men that I went to high school with. Each of these young men had a mental breakdown two or three years after high school. I knew each one personally and very well. One was a very good musician, who finished college with...
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    The fine line between discernment and paranoia

    As we live from day to day, trying to follow the ways of Christ we encounter so many different things. Ofur thoughts and our mind attemps to process so much information. Our spirit is also trying to process lots and lots of information. We all know that we from reading our bible that we can come...
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    To have friends or to not have friends.

    I've had lots of friends over the years. As of late my friend base continues to get smaller and smaller. Most of my friends were buddies from the past. Were just not travelling the same road anymore. At this point I'm not really interested in making new friends. I'm not totally against it but...
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    What does money mean to God?

    I see so many people that have so much, even billions of dollars of net worth. I see others that have so little not even food to eat what do you think?
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    Catorgorizing people and demonic influences

    As the city that I live in seems to grow more and more evil, I find myself becoming more distrusting of people in general. I'm very causous of meeting new people or getting close to someone. We are a small city that has some nice things about it but evil is growing here. There are lots of...
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    I was taken over by the Holy Spirit this morning.

    This morning while watching television the Spirit of God moved upon me. I was speechless as He began to comunicate with me. I am getting ready to receive a huge blessing that I have been patiently waiting on for quite some time and I will use it to Glorify Him. I cried tears of extreme joy as He...
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    " The Invisible War" A film, disturbing information

    I was watching tv this morning, there were some people from the military being interviewed, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Look it up, watch for yourself.
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    Looking back : Before the internet

    Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week we have acess to the nt to spill our guts out. But many of you are much older than the internet. So that being said, how did you go about tackling all of the problems that you express here on cc way back when. How did you get through all of those lonely...
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    Do you carry a gun? Should or shouldn't?

    Years ago I used to carry a gun everywhere. I stopped doing that years ago. After observing some things that have been happening in my city, I'm considering carrying again. I really don't want to, but the thought keeps running through my mind. So what do you guys think, should or shouldnt.?
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    Can you make whore into a housewife?

    I know, it sounds ugly, I know, the nerve of this guy to use such a derogatory word. Well the word derives from the bible. Is there even a such thing as a housewife anymore? What is that. Whether you know it or not there are many young women out here that think its cute to be a whore. Yet they...
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    What do you do when God says no?

    Throughout the course of our lives we have prayed to God. He oversees our lives. There are times that we ask Him for things. He always give us an answer, but sometimes the answer is no. Many of the things that we ask God for are very important to us. Money to pay bills, ahealing for an illness...