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    Is working on sunday a sin?

    Hey folks, So I still have much to read from my Bible (King James version), but so far I've mostly been reading the Old Testament. I was wondering what some of you think about wheter working on Sunday is a sin. After all my Bible gives as one of the ten commandments the following: EXODUS 20...
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    Chicken breast, mashed potatoes and green beans.

    It's simple, yet delicious.
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    Cool Christian rock Bands

    Hey, I am looking for some "cool" Christian rock, I already like big tent revival. I am looking for some nice guitar instrumentals (I play guitar) and deep lyrics, God bless you all,
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    Wisdom for dealing with College and anti-religious attitudes

    Hey, Does anyone have experience with dealing with anti religious attitudes at college? I just finished my first year of undergraduate degree and from what iv'e experienced many college students tend to be focused on sex, alcohol and starting an social revolution (e.g communism, " fighting...
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    In god we trust

    God, Jezus, I need you, And I wish to make it plain, I have tried to live without you, But there was nothing to gain, Life's no good without purpose, This I know for certain, Putting my trust in you relieved me from all burden, Your presence guides me and gives me strenght, And it...
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    Dear people, I am not entirely sure what to post here nor do I have an excellent reason for coming here. It is my belief that Jezus did indeed save my life. I was eighteen and my life seemed to be coming to an end. My doctor had informed me that my chances of becoming a paraplegic were...