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    Help! Struggle

    Hi everyone! Happy new year! I noticed I have been struggling with my faith. I still believe truly in God! I wonder at times if I’m loosing my faith. I even get thoughts if there even is a God, I read too many things on the internet( huge mistake) now I’m struggling. I don’t want God to be...
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    Hello, I’m asking if you all could pray for my son he has autism but keeps having major health issues, and having to go and see specialist. Please pray for me and my family. We are struggling a bit with so many things. Thank you all very much, God Bless
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    Breaking point

    Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I have been onhere. My life has been crazy, I have been struggling with depression and anxiety severely. I have been getting counseling and even medication treatments. I have noticed through all of this I have neglected God. I have done wrong things, I been...
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    Curious about this verse.

    “The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints (God’s people) who had fallen asleep [in death] were raised [to life]; and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection, they entered the holy city (Jerusalem) and appeared to many people.” ‭‭MATTHEW‬ ‭27:52-53‬ ‭AMP‬‬...
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    Hi everyone. Lately my 2 year old keeps telling me her brother which is my 3 year old died. She randomly says it, it’s worrying me so much. I have anxiety and depression it’s so bad. I’m not sure if it’s a premonition, or if God is telling her this. I’m not sure what to do, it’s concerning me to...
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    Hello everyone. I’m asking prayer for my health, my heart having issues, my deep depression, anxiety, children and marriage. I’m have true issues, I’m being tortured in my sleep with dreams just everything. I feel at times I just want to give up but I can’t and I refuse too. I’m thank you all...
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    Hello everyone again. So you all know what I been going through with the anxiety and depression. I feel it’s gets better and then worse at times. Lately I have been having strange dreams allllll night. Like someone trying to kill me.... crows...tiny coffin ... so many things. I pray... cry...
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    Dream interpretation

    Hi all again. I know dreams come from different places and of course God. Last night I had a dream I was wondering does anyOne have a clue. So my sister and I visited New York. We thought it was cool except all of a sudden evil people were trying to get us in every corner or alley but we...
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    God speaks

    Does God tell people when they are going to die? Idk if it’s my own thoughts the anxiety or depression. But I could of sworn I heard or thought popped up. About getting affairs in order...
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    Fear of God

    I know I have been posting a lot lately. Idk if it’s just a mental thing or what. I know we are suppose to fear God. Here lately I feel I have an unnatural fear of God I’m really scared of Him. He can strike you down allow things to happen so much. I lOve God, but I’m also very scared of Him. I...
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    Our dreams

    Still sort of confused on this. I know there are others here who are way more seasoned in the Word then me. How do I truly know when a dream is from God? Does God give dreams of death? Does he warn you? Does he give dreams to tell you to do something? I try not to google my dreams, but I want to...
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    The mind

    Hi all, I’m here again. So I have been struggling with intrusive scary thoughts... (death,funerals,all sort of stuff) even when I get into the Word I can’t stop the thoughts and I get very anxious worried and scared. I’m going to see a Dr. my mom and others stated that maybe I need to be on...
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    Questions about God talking

    Hi everyone again, quick question. I have been hearing some stuff that has been sort of waking me up. It has been making me fear.... make anxiety worse and I’m confused idk what it means. Could this be God talking to me? One time I was driving and I heard contrite spirit while I was driving...
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    Hi everyone, So I hve been going through boughts of anxiety and depression since my 10 year old niece sudden passing. Also, a girl a family friend she was very sick and she just died, and her kids were at home and no one knew she passed. Right now, I have such bad anxiety that this is going to...
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    Prayer please!

    I have been having a lot of neurological issues. I have a big test tomorrow to rule out ALS and so many things. Can you please pray the test will be negative ... thank you
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    Hi all, do any of you have dreams at times that are a bit disturbing? I feel I’m having anxiety about this. Last night after I got off the phone with my mother ... I had a dream that she died, but I saw her she was talking to my sister. I mean I was crying very hard it’s like only we could see...
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    Random .... Does anyone know . What symbolism do crows/ravens have in the Bible? Like I know some say bad luck and so many other things. Lately I have been seeing them so much, it’s sort of freaking me out a bit. Any ideas?
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    Pray for family

    Hi everyone, Could you all pray for me and my husbands family our niece died she was only 11, it was sudden and just this morning. We are all devastated, the mom and dad are not doing well. Just please hold us all up, we know tomorrow is not promised. We just all need strength and the Lords...
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    What to do next..

    Hi everyone. So my son was diagnosed with autism. I hve been praying for the Lord to help me, lately he has been outburst and crying all of the time. I cry sometimes , BecUse I feel at times he doesn’t like me, or something.i pray with him, pray for him. I know he’s a 3 year old and we’re...
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    Scripture question

    Ok, last night I went to bible study and the pastor read the parable of the Talents Matthew 25: 14-30. While he read and said this meant we should invest our money and has a speaker on money investment. This didn’t sit right with me and I didn’t understand the scripture to mean this but...