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    do you feel guilty for not reconciling to others?

    do you feel guilty for being the person not willing to reconcile when the other party is sincere in wanting to make things work? particularly in a friendship
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    debts vs. trespass?

    I recently heard a sermon where the pastor used the phrases "trespass" in regards to the Lord's Prayer. "Forgive us our trespasses, as we also forgive those who trespass against us." But I have always seen this passage as debts...but really, more about sin. The pastor made it seem more about...
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    Is it worth it to post negative reviews of church online?

    To be quite clear here, this is something I never really thought I'd ask. I want to stress this first, before anything: The last church I was a regular attender of was quite good; and if I were to review them, would be met with positive praise (for those curious, it was Calvinist; a theology...
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    How to remove all the toxicity from your life.

    Basically, cut everyone out from your life, and then find a way to be perfect, even better than Jesus. Note* that was sarcasm. This teaching of removing toxicity or toxic people from your life is actually quite counter-intuitive, and will actually lead us down a route headed straight for looking...
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    sometimes i wonder

    sometimes i wonder if there will posts on this forum like the posts on the craigslist missed connections...
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    Revelation 11:19 Ark of the Covenant

    Do you believe this passage says that the ark of the covenant is still on earth, or do you believe this passage is suggesting it will in someway come down from heaven or be seen in heaven?
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    Give me your top 10 Movie List:

    10. Inception 9. The Lion King (Animated Original) 8. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 7. Boyhood 6. Boondock Saints 5. Remember the Titans 4. The Matrix 3. No Country For Old Men 2. The Dark Knight 1. Malcolm X What's yours?
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    Top 10 Favorite Tabletop Games (Board/Card Games)

    Inspired by the video game thread. Top 10 Board Games currently: 10. Star Realms 9. Dominion 8. Agricola 7. Power Grid 6. Settlers of Catan 5. Stone Age 4. Codenames 3. Kingsburg 2. Race for the Galaxy 1. 7 Wonders
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    Based on the following information, what denomination would you suggest to me?

    Beliefs: Triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Jesus is God; Three in One (1 John 1:1) Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected three days later for the forgiveness of sins. Salvation should be followed by repentance. Broken relationships need to be reconciled quickly. All have sinned and...
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    What I learned about being Jesus

    so, to clarify, I don't literally mean I am Jesus. Here's what I mean: For the first few years of my walk---I loved the vast majority of everything I saw in Jesus and the teachings of Paul...there was little not to like. There was some knowledge of my sinfulness but an ever present desire to...
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    A way for me to share without hurting my pastor's family.

    You may see a previous post to help understand. This is just my way of getting things out. Maybe other believers here can encourage, correct or pray; but I don't expect much; I just need this out of my system. From time to time I would see things my former church posted that...
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    Pastor's daughter called me barely tolerable, what am I to think?

    I had a pretty huge falling out with this girl--she was the pastor's daughter. the thing is, I'm not really sure what to think. We had been friends for 5 years or so and never had any issues that I was aware of. Then one day randomly she ignored me and her brother approached me and said I was...
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    Am I wrong..Are they wrong? Was I sinning, were they? I'm so confused.

    I want to be careful here...because I don't want to make accusations against a leader...but I also don't know what to do or how to feel or what to think. Let me preface this by saying I wound up in a Calvinist church since then that I love so far...and teaches the Bible as best as they can, and...
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    Hey all...technically signed up a while ago but never introduced myself

    just introducing myself; honestly just Wanted to get insight on a previous church hurt/situation but I'll make a separate post as it may not be appropriate in this forum. I think I just used the chat app but never realized there was a full site with forums lol...whoops.
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    Should a Christian man always be provider in a modern women's rights-oriented world?

    I feel like I can't be in a relationship, because I don't, and probably never will, have enough money. I suppose you can partially pin the blame on me in a way, but at some level I feel like I didn't have much say in that matter. Anyways, every church I've ever been to says that men should be...
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    Magic the Gathering

    What are people's thoughts on this game? I've recently become interested in it, it's just plain fun. However, after watching a documentary, it seems some Christians have deemed it satanic. I don't really see it, as nobody I know directly engages in sorcery as a result of playing Magic, and to...
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    Does Lego Movie have any anti-biblical messages?

    I saw it in theaters and didn't notice anything overly overt, but at a scene or two scratched my head and thought "wait a minute, is there a hidden message there?" Many claim it is anti-business, which is very different than anti-Bible. The reason I actually posted this was because around 95%...
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    Why don't we have a direct Greek-to-English translation?

    So this morning I heard a missionary refer to the verse that says you shall "know the truth and the truth shall set you free." and explained that the Greek "know" is to have an experience and the greek word for "truth" is Jesus Christ. That makes sense, but it got me thinking, if we have this...
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    Hello I am a new member

    Just thought I would say hi and introduce myself. Don't really know what I'm supposed to say here, other than hello. I have been a Christian since I was 20 years old, now 30 years old. I suppose I could share my faith story but it would be practically a book if I did (might be exaggerating a...