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    Friday Pleaseee

    Take it one day at a time. There is Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday.
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    Random game.

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    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

    Iced coffee is good, i told a work mate that i like it and he said yuck, eee. It depends how i am feeling its just like one time i can go up a ladder scared the next day i can go up the same ladder like a soldier.
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    Would you ask your future spouse to sign a prenup?? (Poll)

    To me it really depends on the person. If shes very needy and wants me to be the provider, i would not because she might be in it for the money. If shes more liberal and is very supportive and we gel well together and i have a friend for life then i guess i would let her have money if we split...
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    God Who Listens (Audio) ft. Thomas Rhett - Chris Tomlin (Lyrics)

    Even Gods sovereign will work in our favour if we trust in him.
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    Music with a message I want to share.....

    Music is very powerful, i use it to relive stress as a method to overcome my doubts, nice tune by the way.
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    Do you still buy music?

    I do sometimes and other times i download. I never buy game theme tunes. I dont think that its required.
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    Never heard of it, put up a video of what you think is best.
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    I like Hillsong. Listen to Kent Henry too. I like the old fashioned melodies.
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    Smile...God is working

    Kirk Franklin has some good music, i like imagine. There is the one he did with Donnie mcclurkin ooh child.
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    gotten really into reggae

    Reggae is relaxing and so calm in its melody. I dont listen to much of it though. No woman no cry, is powerful i believe that.
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    Watch this latest song ''Delete'' by Josie K

    The dancing is good, and the tune is okay, the lyrics are good, the video was well put together. I think there should be a bigger vocal range though in the singing. Strong message.
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    Misheard and misunderstood song lyrics

    That happens a lot for me with early 90s songs.
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    What are you listening to?

    In the End linkin park.
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    can you guys post something funny please?

    Try to make stress as a joke, you could make a joke out of your concerns. Shes talking about it again, here we go again, etc. Just say your feelings in a jokey way, that way she wont be too offended and you will release some of that stress.
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    How do we reconcile unmarried "OT" sex with "NT" fornication pornea?

    God doesnt say what kind of sex in marriage is forbidden, i think oral sex is a form of worship. Anal sex is dangerous, but i think bondage and dressing up is okay. Just do what is natural and use sex in its natural form, its more for procreating than enjoyment. At least i didnt enjoy it much...
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    Homeschooling is so expensive and limited that i would not advise it. The biggest positive is that there is more focus on the child, the biggest negative is that there are no friends to be made and no socialising.