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    work stories

    Hmm work from home romance. See the gossip with secret recordings and screenshots.
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    work stories

    Awww that's cute. Yeah I think children are just curious. I thought teachers date sometimes but maybe that's a myth.
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    Essential Oils for Health

    Lol true! Minty scents tend to burn my eyes with the steam so I don't put too much. Lavender and orange are good ones too.
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    Essential Oils for Health

    I use essential oils in baths and hair oils. Pay attention to the ingredients and don't glance at the label name. I bought a small set thinking I got a good deal since it was so cheap. Come to find out the oil wasn't pure and made me itch. I ended up making a DIY Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray with it...
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    Grow it yourself

    The baggy method is my go to when germinating seeds! I have a higher success and time rate than planting the seed in dirt. It's easier to do with larger seeds because transferring to dirt isn't effortless for me. To use the baggy method you'll need a zip lock bag and damp paper towel. Wrap the...
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    Am I the Only One?

    No you're not alone. When church opens back up if it hasn't already in your area try joining youth groups. I hope your parents allow you to socialize at church. However still be careful even at church. You're almost 18 so getting a job shouldn't be too hard but I'd recommend going to college...
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    None for me. If I wasn't raised with it viewed as unbiblical I still don't think I'd get one. I like to change my hairstyle and fashion style frequently so I know I would get bored with a tatt. I don't want to knowingly date a man with any tattoos but it might be difficult to resist if he has...
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    The awkward moment when....

    I did that once then caught myself and said out loud "wait that doesn't make sense". We both laughed but I was still embarrassed!
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    work stories

    Lol my jobs must be less social because we only had to exchange contact info with our boss and had no shift changes. Ohhh I see what you're saying. Okay yeah someone being sleazy, pestering, etc. is definitely harassment! It's even worse when everyone around you thinks it's funny or not that...
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    work stories

    I'll work where ever the LORD wants me too. There's pros and cons to working in a small company vs large company. I don't think asking someone out is harassment unless they know for a fact you're not interested or available. If they felt or thought that the feelings were mutual and I were...
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    work stories

    Lol well the analogy is commonly used with a cuss word and I didn't want to use it. But it looks like you get the point; it's unsavory to be involved with coworkers. Work is a place we spend about a third of our day at and it's best not to possibly make it an unpleasant environment.
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    Which is more important looks or personality?

    I've come to experience that looks aren't an accurate predictor of someone's personality. Looks typically is what initially attracts me. I'm starting to get attracted to men who are kind to me and everyone else around. It's kind of a strange feeling to be attracted via kindness then later notice...
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    work stories

    I hear a lot about people meeting their significant other at work but it hasn't been my experience. Crushes have been unavoidable for me and if it's mutual the most it's led to is an exchange of phone numbers. You know, that rule of not pooping where you eat? Well I do my best to follow it.
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    Can a Christian be Emotionally Unavailable?

    Is he truly emotionally unavailable or guarding his heart and holding back? A Christian can be emotionally unavailable but it isn't always intentional. Sometimes they're emotionally available in terms of a friendship but not romantically. In that case they probably have trust issues or aren't...
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    I wish I didn’t exist

    Make those haters your motivators! Everyone isn't going to hate you nor love you and that's okay. You can try to please them and some still won't like you! Don't take it personal though. I used to but then I realized there's always going to be people who hate or love me no matter what. I was...
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    Your thoughts on friendships with non-Christians?

    I tend to have closer friendships with believers. As I've gotten older I find it more difficult to be friends with non believers due to our lifestyles. I don't like to argue so avoiding certain topics is common but I just prefer to keep them at a distance. They seem to prefer that too.
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    So I bought these pants .............................................

    Lol American Eagle sells men's pants too. The size will really be the determining factor. If you only see one number on it then most likely it's a women's pants.
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    So I bought these pants .............................................

    What's the size or brand name? That's usually a dead giveaway to if it's for men or women.
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    Random game.