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  1. Humbleservant777

    Can you Spot the Trinity?

    That guy was right, one of the largest religions in the world is truly a synagogue of Satan. For even Satan and his angels can come as agents of light. Christ warned us there would be many antichrists after him. Christ himself disliked religion, which is shown in the gospels when he refers to...
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    Sabbath Obligation?

    The Sabbath was created at the begining of creation before their were Jews so therefore the Sabbath was created for man, not man for the Sabbath. God's law has never changed even though an Antichrist man changed the laws so that Sunday the day of sun worship was taken on by the rest of the...
  3. Humbleservant777

    Can you Spot the Trinity?

    I don't see anywhere in the Bible where God refers to himself as a God called Trinity. There is God who is the father and then Jesus who is the son who sits at the right hand of the father but Jesus is also Lord and has the authority of God. But from what I understand the holy spirit is not God...
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    Hello everyone!

    Good morning, plenty of topics to read on the forums and join in on.
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    Hi, I'm new :)

    Hello and welcome, this is a great place.
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    Hello and peace be with you as well
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    Hi I’m very new to this :)

    Hello and welcome. I really like this site. Many topics and good convos.
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    Hello! :D

    Good morning from the USA
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    The Great Apostasy.

    Interesting thoughts thank you for sharing. It does say that the bodies of the two witness will lie in the public square for 3.5 days. So I think it must indicate something else besides Jesus because Jesus was in a tomb for the 3 days. So you think we are now at the time just before the 7th...
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    The Great Apostasy.

    Thank you this theory seems to make much more sense now. Because Christ is the word and his word lives in us because his spirit is with us. I believe the book of Revelation sometimes parallels past and future events. Perhaps the description of the two witnesses also has something to do with when...
  11. Humbleservant777

    The Great Apostasy.

    Interesting theory, I had not heard that before. I had thought perhaps it symbolized the believing church. If it is the old testament and new testament then how does that work when it says the beast kills the two witnesses and then after 3 days they come back to life and ascend to heaven?
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    Hey Dan_473, I tried looking for the thread you mentioned but I'm not sure where it is. Anyway you could link it or send me a PM with the info?
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    The false end time "7 year tribulation" doctrine

    From my understanding the time of trouble or great tribulation is 3.5 years.
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    The Great Apostasy.

    The mystery of iniquity began back during the time of Jesus. They even used the apostle Peter and claimed he was a part of the apostasy, as if Peter would ever join such a thing having to do with the Roman empire and Judaism. Yet sadly billions believe in that lie. I do agree that the new...
  15. Humbleservant777

    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    Anything that contradicts God's word is not of God but of Satan. Many denominations that say they are of Christ are truly Antichrist. This is the problem with religion. There is however a religion that is the mother of all apostate churches and she is also the harlot mentioned in Revelation. God...
  16. Humbleservant777

    My Testimony,history and Update

    Thanks for sharing your testimony. You're a strong person for going through what you have. What doesn't kill us can make us stronger if we allow it to. We all have a story to tell and I too have been through my share of sufferings. I have witnessed things that are not of this world that most...
  17. Humbleservant777

    Chinese cannibalism of infant flesh outrages the world

    Ever since this virus came about the Lord has been showing me things about this world that go on behind our backs everyday. The world is a very sick and evil place, far worse than I ever knew. The rabbit hole goes deep. If you haven't seen it already there is a great documentary called Out of...
  18. Humbleservant777

    Here's How To Go To Heaven If You Get The "Mark" Chip

    I have often wondered about what the mark is as well. Many think it will be some type of chip or implant. Others claim it will be a visible mark. Nowhere does it say in the word anything that indicates exactly what it will be or if it will even be a visible mark. To say that it is a mark implies...
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    Do you support vaccines? Look at this!

    We came into a world where we were basically brainwashed since birth. What we know is what we are taught. It would seem that vaccines had helped ancient societies adapt and evolve from diseases that used to be plagues. However, the reality of it is that we are supposed to trust in God for all...
  20. Humbleservant777

    Is Spontaneous Human Combustion The Work Of The Devil?

    Does that actually happen?! Whatever occurs in the world just remember that God is always in control.