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  1. MsRose92

    Prayers for the road I am about to embark on...

    Good morning fellow Christians, I am about to embark on a pretty rocky road where my life will be changed completely! I will be getting surgery in the next few months! Besides surgery, I will need to find a new career and new place to live. Since I'll be looking for somewhere new to live I...
  2. MsRose92

    Where does a single go..

    Hi, I'm new here and still getting used to things. My first time joining a forum to be honest and so far everyone seems to be really friendly. Probably everyone posting on here is single. However my question is where does one go to find a decent Christian man besides church? I am having bad...
  3. MsRose92

    New and want to meet new friends

    Hello, I'm a 25 year old, independent female living in the golden state. Want to meet new Christian friends! I'm very outgoing, love horses and traveling!