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    In the legal vote count President Trump won by a landslide. Lou Dobbs + Sidney Powell - Release The Kraken - Full Interview HD

    I don't think Trump won by a landslide. The dominion system is designed to cheat by taking 3% of the votes and switching them. That would definitely explain how Biden GJ out 78,000,000 votes when he didn't even campaign. Florida and Ohio were actually landslides for Trump. If you...
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    what do I do now?

    So sorry for what you are going through. Having a baby in the best of circumstances is tough, let alone with no support. Maybe your family will change their tune once the baby is here? Hopefully you had a decent upbringing and this is the case. I can't imagine resenting my child even if...
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    Biblical Discipline (yes I mean spanking)

    It really depends on the child. Some children do really well with time out and some barely need disciplined at all. Other children only do well with spankings. It also depends if there's a male in the house, especially with boys. People don't like hearing that though. A lot of my friends...
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    migrants, natives and refugees

    Most people are pretty open to immigration in the sense of people entering a country legally. After all everyone has ancestors who came here at some point. Immigrants do struggle. My ancestors struggled but they worked hard and each generation did the same. They never expected a free hand...
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    I wish I didn’t exist

    I've been in your shoes before. Even today it's a daily struggle to bring my thoughts to Jesus and his ways. Some of the things you mention though I've grown passed it. Wishing I didn't exist. In my case there were 2 reasons for this. I met an angel in a dream (I was very sick at the time)...
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    How old is our creation really?

    In my opinion the earth is very young. Sure, God could take billions of years to create it but what for? He's powerful enough to make things happen instantly. On top of that he doesn't want it to last long. A day is like a thousand years to God so we're talking a week to God. Dealing with sin...
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    I wish they had more pictures or video of this. I notice these things seem to slowly disappear unfortunately.
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    Horror lovers?

    It seems like a lot more movies include scripture and Christian ideas for sure and that includes in horror so I see your point there. The problem is it's typically off in the movie. So I'm not sure how easily it would be to bring people to God over it. Probably more of a thought provoking...
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    When did you change your perception and find joy?

    No, that would be depression
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    When did you change your perception and find joy?

    I've been feeling pretty down lately since I lost my best friend recently. No I'm not a kid, but a woman in my 30's. Today Google photos decided to make a video of the pictures in my photos (mainly my kid) with a song in the background. At first I was annoyed, but then I looked and thought wow...
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    Is Kamala Harris an African-American?

    Idk she claims to be African American and Asian American but her parents were from Jamaica and India. I need a geography lesson here. Are Indians Asian Americans? I guess they're from Asia, but I've never heard them classify themselves like this. I would think she would be Jamaican and Indian...
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    How do you deal with family members/friends that are not Christian?

    Yea it's really hard. We do have religion and politics come up. I just try to nudge gently. It can be really hard bc some live far away. Like you said you don't want to fight the whole time. I find it easier if you have someone on your side when talking about it. So for example your mom could...
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    How Should Christians Vote?

    I know Christians who are Democrats. I really don't get it. I'm supporting God with my political party though. I wouldn't be a Democrat even if I wasn't a Christian though. I guess I just don't fall for the crap. I've never been a racist. I don't speak only Spanish in America. The key is...
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    The New Abnormal is Global Socialism

    You won't be able to afford a car with all the money they plan to take for healthcare, housing as a right, free tuition. Then the government will have to step in...
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    The New Abnormal is Global Socialism

    That doesn't mean anything. He lost his brother a couple days ago too. It's like looking at the Bible and picking 1 verse. You don't know the whole by doing that. He's mentioned this idea in every speech. He was the only president to ever attend the March for life rally. He's pulled money...
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    The New Abnormal is Global Socialism

    I'm literally terrified if our country goes to socialism or to the Democrats. I think most can at least acknowledge their connection. First off medical. The medical coverage in our country sucks. No maternity leave? Give me a break. But.... Free medical also means the losing our best doctors...
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    How do you define "family"?

    I consider my immediate family actual family.... God included. I have some extended family I see and even fewer that I'm close to. I have some friends I wish were family including church members. However blood is always thicker than water. I consider my immediate family my only real family...
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    Abortion - Bible and Feminism

    It can get tricky if you really dive down deep into it. Technically I believe the life is in the blood according to the Bible. So anything before the first heartbeat is "okay." That would be the before/after pill and blastocysts from ivf. It's not ideal and we don't live in an ideal world. If...
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    How does Satan work in the church?

    We celebrate on Sunday bc that's when Jesus rose from the dead. He died on Friday and rose on Sunday like good Friday and Easter. It doesn't have to do with pagans. The Passover was symbolic of Jesus coming. There's nothing wrong with doing it, but we don't need a perfect lamb to kill bc Jesus...
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    Born into the wrong family?

    There are no perfect families. Since I was extremely unplanned there were a lot of skeletons so to speak in the closet when I grew up. Mostly I didn't know about it as a child, but figured it out as an adult. It was very painful when I found out. Also relief bc I always knew there were issues...