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  1. Rainrider

    Squirrel Hill The above link will take you to a story of a man that was there when the Tree of Life synagogue shooting took place. (Not on...
  2. Rainrider

    Lets talk about Paul

    Have you ever wanted to know the man Paul, who he was, what he did, and most of all how he thought? I understand that yes the Word is all we have to work off with him. There are some other books and writers that fill us in on parts we may not know. I have even been told, though never found or...
  3. Rainrider

    Jews pray on temple mont

    Found this to be interesting, What are your thoughts, is it prophecy or not...
  4. Rainrider

    A Study of Torah from Gen. - Rev.

    This is going to be a study of Torah. For any that don't know the Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible, also known as the Book of Moses. Keep in mind this is a study of Torah, It has nothing to do with the argument of Law over grace, and holds no format for that debate. As we all know...
  5. Rainrider

    The truth behind the Law

    It seems that I have seen this debate on almost every thread I look at. So I thought it would be nice to see if we can not move that whole debate to one place. However I would love to see this go as orderly as we can get it. I know that won't be an easy thing to do, so I am going to ask that...
  6. Rainrider

    Lift these men in pray for what they did.

    This isn't a long read, and it will move your soul. We all need a bit of good news in this day and age, that is why I wish to share this with you. May HaShem bells the men that go the extra mile. Fort Worth Police Go Above And Beyond To Help Elderly Vet In His Time Of Need
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    Dan. 9

    This seems to be a chapter of the Bible that everyone has their own ideas about. When it comes down to 24-27, we must all admit that when we first read it, and looked to understand it, we were a bit at odds with our selves. Well ok may not everyone. Yet as many people know there are many ways...
  8. Rainrider

    Just saying hello

    I wish to make it clear up front we may not see to eye on everything, or on most things. I am good with that, it is after all the differences we have that if talked of, and not turned into a fight, we can learn from them. I do as matter of practice, follow the Torah. Though this may not be for...