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  1. Billyd

    How will your family spend Thanksgiving?

    How will your family celebrate Thanksgiving this year? We normally gather at my brother's (my grandparent's home) for a reunion and celebration. We usually have four generations, my brother and sisters, our children, our grand children, our great grand children, cousins and their families...
  2. Billyd

    Accident victims

    A group of adults and children from a small community church were on a hayride last evening when they were hit by a speeding vehicle. Several were injured, some seriously, and driver of the vehicle is in very serious condition. Please pray for the church, victims and the driver. Our church...
  3. Billyd

    Restarting Ministries.

    We will be restarting our community children and youth ministries in the next few weeks. Please pray that we are successful and that we are able to bring God to the lives of these young people, and are able to plant the seeds that will lead many to Christ.
  4. Billyd

    Pray for a Job

    Please pray for my granddaughter's boy friend. The covid19 shutdown cost him his old job. He is going for an interview for a new job this morning. Pray that he has a successful interview, and that he can go to work quickly.
  5. Billyd

    'So frustrating': Doctors and nurses battle virus skeptics

    Read the attached article. See how virus skeptics are making things for front line medical workers...
  6. Billyd

    Pray for God's healing hand.

    A church friend had a kidney transplant over the weekend. Please pray for God's healing touch both the friend and the kidney donor.
  7. Billyd

    Please pray for my 2 friends with Covid19 and Pneumonia

    Please pray for my 2 friends in the hospital with both Covid19 and Pneumonia.
  8. Billyd

    Pray for those suffering from storm and fire damage.

    Many in the West have lost everything in the rash of wild fires. Here in the southern US many have lost everything to storms. Please pray for all in this situation. If you can, please support the organizations who are assisting with the clean up and restoration.
  9. Billyd

    Pray for Mama

    My wife fell down the steps and fractured her (shoulder blade). She also bruised her ribs and arm. She is in much pain when she moves around. Doctor says she is facing an 8 to 12 week painful recovery. Please pray for her Got to remove her pain and rapid recovery.
  10. Billyd

    My Wife is having Surgery Tomorrow

    Please pray for my wife. She is finally having surgery that was postponed in March due to covid19.
  11. Billyd

    Pray for my Grandson and family.

    My Grandson's best friend has tested positive for Covid19. My Grandson has asthma, and has had a pretty bad flare up twice this week. Please pray that his Covid19 test comes back negative, and that his asthma flare ups cease. Also pray for his family.
  12. Billyd

    Jack and family

    Most of family has covid19. Two are in hospital, and others are very sick.
  13. Billyd

    Payroll Tax Suspension

    Who told us that if he were elected, Social Security cuts were Not Going to Happen? The buzz line around the stimulus bill from both sides is Suspend the Payroll Tax. What the news folks fail to remind people is that the payroll tax is actually the tax that supports most seniors. It is the...
  14. Billyd

    Unruly Children

    We went out for lunch at a local restaurant yesterday. Mask were required unless you were seated. During our entire meal, a mother and/or her teenage son chased a child around the restaurant (no masks). The child looked like he was around 6 years old. We raised four children, and we went out...
  15. Billyd

    Son exposes father who is now fighting Covid19 in hospital.

    Every young person who feels that we should not wear a mask when we are outside our home or that we need to avoid large social gatherings needs to read this article.
  16. Billyd

    DIL injured her leg

    My daughter-in-law is physically disabled and has several mental health issues. She injured (possibly broke it) her leg this morning. When she got to the emergency room, she refused to wear a mask, and was nasty to the staff. They refused to treat her. She stormed back to the car and...
  17. Billyd

    Pray for me

    Praise God my Covid19 test came back negative. Bright and early tomorrow I will be having surgery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm. God has blessed me with a Christian doctor who has done many of these surgeries. Please pray for me and the entire surgery team.
  18. Billyd

    In extreme pain

    Please pray for my friend Ray. He had surgery over a year ago and hasn't healed yet. He is in terrible pain, and has returned to the hospital for intervention. The doctors believe a previously treated bone infection has returned. He is a wonderful man of God, and his ministry touches the...
  19. Billyd

    Getting on with life.

    Billy's household is putting the past few months behind us and returning to normal. Sunday we decided to return regular Sunday morning worship services June 14. Things still won't be normal, but it's the first step in restarting our community ministry programs. Last Friday was our last day...
  20. Billyd

    Florida Now Reporting Covid19 Antibody Test Results.

    Florida's Covid19 website is now reporting antibody test results. Web site URL below.