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    Mass Shootings

    Happen most frequently in the country with the CIA. I believe they produce these MK ultra type weapons, in an attempt to pass gun control laws. These shootings were predicted in 1991, by a man named William Cooper, in a book called "Behold a Pale Horse". Mr. Cooper also predicted the terror...
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    "Run from the Cure"

    Has anyone ever watched this documentary; and, if so, have you found any falsehoods or untruths? This video can be found on YouTube for any interested in what the new revolution in medicine will be.
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    Maybe We Should Ban SSRI'S...

    ...and their therapist who suggest or prescribe them, since every mass shooter I have studied, had both. Why does the media (or rather the LYING FAKE NEWS) scream for gun control and never mention this connection? To answer my own question, because they dont want to bite the hand that feeds...
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    Essential Oils for Health

    A list of oils and some uses. Lemongrass: helps heal soft tissues, like ligaments and tendons Lemon:clean and disinfect, good for cold/sore throats, helps bring about microcirculation or can be used as a tonic Lavender: calming, for burns and muscle issues Eucalyptus: expectorant and muscle...
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    should the government own the medical patent to a substance they claim has no medicinal value and is grouped as a schedule 1 narcotic like heroin? (Research U.S. patent #6630507 for reference) Any reactions or thoughts on the subject?
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    Love thy Enemy

    How do you love those who practice evil deeds against you? The best answer I have gotten is to pray for them. This country pastor told me, "You can't like some people, but you can love them enough, to pray for them". With this corruption and evil in this world, I find this still a valid...
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    Andrew McCabe Indicted?

    There seems to be conflicting evidence on the MSM, was he indicted and recommended for federal charges, or not?
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    Echinacea, Elderberry, Oregano Oil

    It's getting close to flu season, so get prepared. A few years ago, I read a study that reported Echinacea has been tested to be far superior to flu viruses, compared to modern vaccines. Elderberry and Oregano oil both have been proven anti-viral in several scientific studies. I have seen how...
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    Spirit of Jezebel

    Has anyone ever witnessed this? If so, how do you deal with the situation when it's happening to someone you care about? No matter how bad, or what the girl does, the guy is under her spell. She can sleep with her colleagues, get caught in every lie, betray his trust in every way, and he will...
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    Muslim Religion Started by Catholic Church

    And why do we coddle to a faith of jihadist and pedophiles? If Mohammed, was not a satanic pedophile, why did he marry 6 and 9 year old girls, and why do muslim men still have baby brides? What would lead anyone to believe their religion is about love when it says, "Behead the Christians where...
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    Don't Get Discouraged

    Hi all, I'm very new here. I just want to say even though, I am very new here, I have a brief statement to make. In the few days that I have spent reading and comments here, I see some very unsettling comments from a few people here. These seem to have some very non-Christian views from a very...
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    Requesting prayers

    As my post in the new member section states, I'm in a battle of a lifetime and I am requesting prayers.
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    Endocannabinoid System

    Anyone ever research this body stem that is found in all vertebrates? Our bodies are made to heal themselves and we use our own natural endocannabinoids for that. As we age, get injured and exposed to more environmental toxins our endocannibinoid "tank" (so to speak) begins to deplete. Cannabis...
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    New menber

    My name is Ed Davis. I am a 50 year old male who retired from state government. Now I am in the battle of my lifetime trying to protect our family farm from the felonious neighbors and the corrupt local sheriff and county attorney that protect them. Without God I could not stand against those in...