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    (POLL) Which capability/sense would you rather lose?

    If you had to lose one of these capabilities/senses your body has, which would it be? 1. Vision 2. Hearing 3. Smell 4. Taste 5. No legs 6. No arms You know, people could often find their disability as a blessing. I've seen God allow people to lose these capabilities and turn them into...
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    (poll) Do We Choose Him or Does he choose us?

    Do We Choose Him or Does he choose us? I have gotten a debate in person and online recently about this. Do you believe we are predestined to be saved, as if God chose us before our existence and planned to save us or do you believe it's up to us alone to choose him or do you believe he tries...
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    Would You marry without dating?

    Would you marry someone without ever dating them? Did you know you can? Do you think that is a good or bad idea? PM me and I can tell you how.
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    Is The Book of Enoch/Jasper True or False?

    Is The Book of Enoch/Jasper True or False, or a bit of both?
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    Lauren Daigle

    What do you think about what Lauren Daigle claiming that she doesn't know if homosexuality is a sin or not?
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    (POLL) What Is Christmas?

    What is Christmas?
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    Major pain right now!

    I've gotten all the doctors help I can get. I just had a tooth removed and I've been in pain for2 hours now than I have in years. The bleeding isn't stopping but surely it will. Physical pain isn't more important but I can't do anything at all but dwell and suffer in this pain while it lasts...
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    Why Did God Turn His Back? POLL

    Why did God turn his back on Jesus? We get the idea he did from "My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?" I know the answer, but it is highly and widely misunderstood. I don't know if most people in the world know it, but not most Christian's I have met. I'd like to hear what you believe. Not...
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    Is It Fair or Unfair?

    Is it fair for a mother to keep their youngest daughter away completely (I mean completely) away from their sibling, but they still lived in the same house until ages of adults, even to the time their daughter is an adult- and the sibling who was kept from their sister forever gets married and...
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    Which Person Is Living More Of A Godly Lifestyle?

    Which Person from these two descriptions are serving the Lord more, better and truly? Person 1: They work 40 hours average a week and sleep 5-8 hours a day. When they see a homeless person, they feed them, clothe them and try to spare money sometimes for other needs. After work they spend...
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    How should I view this with my family?

    I know I'm going to get at least 2 sides of the story if a few people reply. So I don't have doubts some people wouldn't start arguing somewhere down the road. Still, this is a very important subject. I feel what I believe about this is right, but I'd like to discuss it. First basic things to...
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    How Old Were You When Saved?

    among young adults these days, most people aren't saved, in fact, most people alone aren't, and I am interested to see how young you guys were saved if you're still young adults, did you just get saved recently or were you very young, like Pastor Bob Beeman when he was 5 years old? Except he is...
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    Sweet Jesus ⚡🍦

    Ever heard of the ice cream place that started in Canada and now making its way to the USA? They use scripture then make jokes out of it for their advertisement, such as "Thou shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain, but G.D that's delicious!" Their symbol, like Starbucks has a green goddess...
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    Can you help speak with me?

    I'm looking for someone who is a Christian of any age who would be willing to take quite awhile to discuss some issues I'm having with God and between my feelings and thoughts and perspectives. I'm going through big emotions that are about to drive me quite far away from God than I've ever...
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    Could I still be with her? Should I even try?

    Years ago, in 2007, I met this girl as we were teenagers. Yet this story may sound insane to many people. Still, I have a question I really feel should have an answer. I will ask it after I explain the story (even though it's the title). I met her online where you make poems and such, she read...
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    Christian's Religion

    Dear Christian's and others; do you believe in Yahweh (God)? Even Jesus? Do you believe in the trinity of them with the Holy spirit? Do you follow Christian religion? Such as a Presbyterian, Baptist, Mormon, Catholic, etc. Well... through my years once I was saved, I began to read the word of...
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    Introducing Myself To CC

    Greetings, human beings on Christian chat. :) now, my account may say it's been on for awhile, but I only made it then and just started using it this week. I have been using other places to chat and such that weren't really Christian places. I'm deeply into the Lord. It's basically impossible to...
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    sinful to masturbation, etc?

    Surely this must have been brought up by others. In my case, I think I have a good idea, and as long as I've been reading and judging it by God's word and asking for advice to even pastors and people, it's still not so clear, especially when I appear to not do it for the reasons other people do...
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    Existance, Understanding & Proof of God

    for a fact of just paying attention and not thinking with my own perspectives or someone elses and just seeing life as it is. ...i see and know there is a God and only one. Yet, 3 as 1 God. God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. There is only one God and they are 1. It's not like 1+1+1=3, it is more...
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    I do ask many q's, yet 1 i used to ask was-

    I do ask many q's, yet 1 i used to ask was "if there is humans, how did humans get here? is there a creator? is there God who created us?" people say if something or someone exists, then there must be a way for it to be there by creation. Yet, later, i asked "if God created us, then for God to...