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  1. Victor1999

    Are you a Trinitarian, and if so, can you defend the doctrine?

    Romans 8:9 However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him The NT seems to use Spirit of God and Spirit of Christ interchangeably
  2. Victor1999

    Mary Mother of Jesus: Sinless?

    I don't think you took what I said seriously. The Bible says that none of us are without sin, and it also says that we must not sin. That's what I meant, that we won't be without sin no matter what we do, and that we must not create any more sins.
  3. Victor1999

    Are you a Trinitarian, and if so, can you defend the doctrine?

    I picked the "don't know" option because I'm not sure if the holy Spirit is a humanlike person as some people insist it must be. It's been called the Spirit of Christ in the Bible, so I don't think it's a completely separate person.
  4. Victor1999

    Mary Mother of Jesus: Sinless?

    I'd like to add to this chat, that sanctification is a lifelong process. Practicing our perfection pushes us closer to the goal, but we can't be truly complete yet in this life. Even so, we must keep doing our best.
  5. Victor1999

    Mary Mother of Jesus: Sinless?

    She probably wasn't entirely sinless, but she was close to being the perfect woman. King James Bible But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. And she kept everything in her heart.
  6. Victor1999

    What does the Bible say about humane stewardship of animals - Thinking of turkeys and mice at Christmas

    I am also against sticky traps, I once tried to free a mouse from the sticky traps it took a really long time and finally when only its tail was attached, it leaped back into the sticky traps out of fear. I patiently and gently tried to free it again but it died. Maybe it had a heart attack? We...
  7. Victor1999

    How do we answer the questions & statements that test our faith?

    We will answer them one by one and very carefully. When I first believed, I used to take a few days to carefully think about each question every time I would be asked one, and every time I would find answers that satisfy my faith and eventually most of my doubt left me. To answer the skeptic...
  8. Victor1999

    Stupid relationship promises

    "Never gonna give you up" "Never gonna let you down" "Never gonna make you cry" "Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you" :LOL:
  9. Victor1999

    Can a man love ONLY ONE woman?

    The king of Israel had many wives but did not love them all. Some marriages were merely political and having many wives as a king was just a "king thing", a display of kingly power and status, it was expected of kings at that time. P.S Of course a man can love only his wife. Everything that God...
  10. Victor1999

    Is bad to not want children?

    I think it depends on why you don't want children, if it's so you have more time for yourself then it's selfish and bad, but there are some understandable reasons why some people don't want children.
  11. Victor1999

    I Don't Like Men

    I know, right! Men are so DISGUSTING! :sick::sick:
  12. Victor1999

    what is love?

    Love is doing what's best for people even if it hurts you like you know they won't appreciate it but you know they need it. That's what I think.
  13. Victor1999

    The need for spiritual gifts

    Both types of gifts you've described are from God. Remember in the old testament when God would bless righteous men with beautiful daughters and lots of animals? One example is job, before and after what happened to him, he received these gifts from God. And yes there are also spiritual gifts...
  14. Victor1999

    Why I disregard "organized" religions

    Sorry to hear about your loss. May you meet each other again on the other side, and welcome to CC.
  15. Victor1999

    Mystery Babylon

    I think "mystery Babylon" is exactly what it's called, a mystery... We will probably know about it when it happens.
  16. Victor1999

    Why I disregard "organized" religions

    "The way" is not meant to be walked alone. We need each other's support to keep us on the right track. It is very saddening that organized religion isn't functioning properly. A proper church could strengthen our devotion and protect against mental corruption. This should be their highest...
  17. Victor1999

    Is Jesus found in the O.T.?

    In Genesis 32 Jacob wrestles with a man and afterwards says "I have seen God face to face". There is only one God, and only one man who fits this description and his name is Jesus (Yeshua) Christ. It's interesting that if you take away the New Testament, you can't understand this verse at all...
  18. Victor1999

    Was Jesus planning to return within a generation?

    This topic has been on my mind for months. It does seem from the Holy Bible that everything should have happened in the first century, but we must not let this discourage us. If we don't know something, it will be clear to us in the next world. We must do our part to make sure this realization...
  19. Victor1999

    Did God change from the Old Testament to the New Testament?

    It's true that God destroyed cities and nations in His anger in OT days, but the OT also says that He was extremely patient with Israel, even though he knew they won't repent. In the same way as He was patient with Israel despite their evil ways he is now being patient with the whole world. He...
  20. Victor1999

    what do you really think heaven will be like?

    You don't want to work because you are still in this body, but when you make it to Heaven you will want nothing but work for God. Remember the four beasts with eyes who never rest, continually praising God, and the elders who always fall on their faces and take off their crowns. They don't tire...