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    Is Throwing the Bouquet Divination?

    Is throwing the bouquet or garter at weddings to determine who will marry next divination?
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    Is the throwing the bouquet ritual at weddings divination

    It is interesting how Christians will see customs from other lands, and these customs may seem pagan, but we do not see our own customs through the same lens. Deuteronomy 18 When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations...
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    Jokes about the Wife Being the Neck in Church

    Occasionally, in church, I've heard jokes about the man being the head... which the Bible says, but the woman being the neck and directing him wherever she wants. I also have heard jokes about how the couple doesn't argue... he just does whatever she says, in church. These are meant as...
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    The sin of refusing sex

    I Corinthians 7:5 Do not deprive one another except with consent for a time, that you may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again so that Satan does not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.
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    1% Christian Divorce Rate

    I read somewhere that the divorce rates of those who professed to be Christians versus non-believers was about the same, but that Christians who regularly prayed together had a divorce rate of about 1% or less than 1%. I don't think it was just a quote from someone. I know of Barna surveys of...
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    Do any SDAs Keep the Sabbath?

    When I first got to Indonesia, I met an English speaking Indonesian girl who had lived in the US. She invited me to an SDA English Friday might meeting, maybe 'vespers' or something like that I hadn't heard of. I'm not SDA, but I visited. She turned on a light and made a comment indicating...
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    How 'Relationship not Religion' preaching has replaced the Gospel with many Evangelicals

    I saw a post about this once Facebook recently, and it is true in my experience. I have witnessed a lot of 'altar call's' and closing bits of sermons leading up to a 'sinner's prayer' where people stay in their seats that leave out important parts of the Gospel. If I went by what I heard in...
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    Hear Preaching/Teaching on Giving/Serving Outside of Church?

    I saw a post on Facebook today asking how many people had ever heard a sermon on giving outside of the church or serving outside of the church. I have been to churches where I cannot remember much or any preaching on the importance of giving outside of the context of giving into the offering...
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    Marrying Based on Being 'In Love'

    I remember when I was about 12, I heard a preacher from the pulpit talk about how young adults fall in love, then get married. I think that put an idea in my head that I should 'fall in love' and then get married some day. Maybe the fact that it came from the pulpit made me think of it as...
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    Women's Education and Having Babies

    In the past 100 years or so, it has become common for women to pursue higher education and find a position in the workforce. In the US, after the shift from an agrarian society to an industrial society, we had a couple of world wars. Especially in WWII, a lot of women worked in factories to...
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    She is half your age!

    I have noticed this on television in particular where a reporter commentator or someone else speaks of a man dating or married to a younger woman, "She is half his age," as if an age difference makes the relationship inherently immoral. What is really bad is when a couple are married and judgy...
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    Contaminating Communion/Fellowship

    There are many churches where the philosophy is that everyone should be allowed to go to church. But there are certain types of people that Christians should not tolerate. These would fall into the following categories: 1. Brethren who fall into blatant sin and will not repent. 2. False...
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    Five-Fold (or Four-Fold) Ministry

    Five-fold (or four-fold) ministry. Ephesians 4 tells us of Christ ascending on high and giving gifts unto men (Paul's paraphrase from the Psalms where He ascends on high and receives gifts for men.) Some of the gifts are listed in verse 11, apostles, prophets, evangelists, prophets and...
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    Giving in Response to a Prophecy or Revelation

    In Acts 11, Agabus, we read that a prophet from Jerusalem stood up and prophesied a famine that was coming. The saints determined because of this to send relief to the poor saints in Jerusalem. It is interesting that the saints weighed the prophecy and their response was to give. I went to a...
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    Does I Corinthians 13 teach certain gifts ceased with the closing of the canon?

    Cessationism is the belief that gifts of the Spirit, or certain gifts, ceased in the first century or at some later time. One theory is that I Corinthians 13 teaches this idea. Many cessationists reject the idea that 'that which is perfect' in the passage refers to the completed canon. John...
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    Stupid relationship promises

    What are some foolish promises you have heard people make about romantic or marriage relationships. One I have heard on TV is when a man tells a woman, her father, mother, or friends that he will never make her cry. If they are going to live together for life he will probably make her cry...
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    Prophesying Forbidden

    I used to be active on Christianforums, but they put up a new set of rules a while back. I did not agree and so I was inactive, maybe because I did not want to read a long page of rules at the time. I thought about signing up again, and I came across this in the rules. I found this...
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    Adding 'Personal Savior' to the Gospel

    The following is a quote from the late Keith Green which I got from the Lastdaysministries website. I still hear 'personal Savior.' I think of it more as a '70's and '80's thing, but some churches and preaches still say it. If Keith Green said or wrote this today, he might write about 'It's...
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    Religion v. Relationship Replaced of the Cross and the Resurrection- Have Evangelicals Forgotten the Gospel?

    I have been to a number of evangelical churches over the years where it seems the 'formula' for evangelism in a lot of evangelical churches that do 'altar calls' and 'sinner's prayers': - Do not tell the people who God is. - Do not tell the people who Jesus is. - ____Maybe____ mention the...
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    Jesus was not born in a manger

    I have heard two or three Christmas sons that say that Jesus was born in a manger. I wish song writers would always read relevant Bible passages carefully. Jesus was laid in a nanger. It would have really veen tough on His mother if she had given birth in a feed trough.