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  1. Delightfulsoul

    Delete a post?

    How do u delete a comment or post?
  2. Delightfulsoul

    Where’s the aussies? Oi oi oi

    People told me there were lots of aussies but as aussies would say I’m stuffed if I know where they are on here??? One said hi to me but I replied and got no answer. But was waiting for the influx of aussies to say gday but none so far?
  3. Delightfulsoul

    Hard being older

    I’m finding as I age that it’s harder to meet people and that as my friends marry they get so busy the friendship falls by the wayside. Sometimes I just want to get married so that I have someone to talk to. Not so much the whole being with a man thing. There’s only so much conversation you can...
  4. Delightfulsoul

    Are there any peeps here from Queensland Australia?

    Hi I’m new here and looking to meet local people on here who love God.
  5. Delightfulsoul

    Beef crockpot casserole YUM

    Ingedients 4 beef four quarter chops Onion 2 carrots 1parsnip 1zuccini 2 big mushrooms Half red capsicum (peppers US) 3 potatoes A few sprigs of fresh dill herb 1 litre beef stock Casserole herb mix for beef from supermarket (watery one not dry) Wine Method Sear the beef in a frypan of butter...
  6. Delightfulsoul

    Is Romance Dead?

    Most men want sex It seems these days Not love, so sad Amidst the haze Of instant love The net can offer It promises to Like a sadistic scoffer Cheap thrills it’s true Not love these days Not even the promise Of the hot suns rays No wooing, kissing innocently Just requests to visit your home...
  7. Delightfulsoul

    Hi from Australia!

    How is everyone?