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    ~Prayer Message Today~

    "Let us pray to know, a claim of faith must be put into action, otherwise faith becomes without merit. And, believing often becomes abstract when vacant of spiritual insight, and this being acquired with perseverance." 'Amen' 'Praise God'
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    ~Today's Inspiration~

    "Spiritually inspired words of great importance."
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    ~Today's Inspiration~

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    Issues with a commandment

    "Let us be mindful of ACCEPTANCE, and, over the years I have learned the significance of the Serenity Prayer." :)
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    "May the reader fully grasp the words." :)
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    Hi! New here, like everyone else

    "Hope you find a new meaning in your life, and hopefully God is included."
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    ~Prayer Message Today~

    " Let us hope and pray the corruption at high levels comes to an end, and a real awakening comes about. Let us pray to hold fast to God being in our lives, and to be ever vigilant of evil forces, and to be alert and not to be caught up in the chaotic hatred." 'Amen' 'Praise God'
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    ~Prayer Message Today~

    'Let us pray to understand the significance of these words. Let us pray that we may become a channel for God's spirit. Let us pray that God's spirit may flow through us into the lives of others." 'Amen' 'Praise God'
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    ~Today's Inspiration~

    "Ponder this truth, carefully."
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    The World is watching us, what do they see?

    "Normally I don't get involved in this forum, for the fact of witnessing far too much division, bringing cause of contempt and animosity. @Blik brought out four things of great importance. The wondering, the gospel, using this site to show the love God is, and is it best we never discuss...
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    "Let us hope God becomes your 'friend'." :)
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    ~Prayer Message Today~

    "let us pray to be fully aware of the significance, that we have been left with God's inspiration, to apply and act upon within our own life. And, to deny the truth shall surely hinder ones own relationship unto Christ our Lord God... leaving a life managed by the adversary." 'Amen' 'Praise God'
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    ~Today's Inspiration~

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    "Common sense...use it or lose it."

    "Common sense...use it or lose it."
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    Faith is through hearing. The beginning.

    “Christianity by proxy. Ponder this carefully and honestly!" And, no more to comment on the subject, which has endless debates.
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    As a wife, which comes first, house holding or seeking God?..

    "Maintaining a spiritual awareness of God's principles of life...goodness, kindness, gentleness, etc. etc., and striving to fulfill these in our daily attitude and behavior, hopefully brings a peace and well being with all those around us. Spiritual discipline has far reaching rewards...believe...
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    ~Today's Inspiration~

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    ~This side of the 'glass'~