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    "Encouragement is an act of learning to help others in some of life's troubling issues, to share love and to help uplift those facing doubt and uncertainty." 'Praise God'
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    ~Concerned Citizens~

    The Rape of We The People and The Constitution For The United States CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD "Constructive fraud: A contract or act, which, not originating in evil design and contrivance to perpetuate a positive fraud or injury upon other persons, yet, by its necessary tendency to deceive or...
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    ~Upcoming Surgery~

    Yesterday at 12:41 PM  #103 "Am praying all goes alright, as tomorrow going in for CT cap scan to further evaluate an upcoming Abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery, probably in two or three weeks after further tests and lab work, according to my doctor. Keep me and my family in your...
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    ~Let Us Rejoice~

    "Let us rejoice in knowing of Christ, and songs that open our hearts and thoughts of ... 'Christ In Us'...... 'Praise God'
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    ~The Time of All Things~

    'Events to be'
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    News Headline... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Liz Cheney disagree on Twitter over knowledge of 22nd Amendment, Constitution
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    ~Humor for Today~

    AIN'T IT THE TRUTH THIS IS A NON PARTISAN JOKE THAT CAN BE ENJOYED BY ALL PARTIES! NOT ONLY THAT - it's POLITICALLY CORRECT!! While walking down the street one day a Member of Parliament is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance...
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    ~Go Rest on That High Mountain~

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    ~Touching Story~

    "Log in @ Facebook...........touching story.!" 'Praise God'
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    ~The ABC's of Life~

    ~THE ABC's OF A FRUITFUL LIFE~ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Always put your Higher Power first in your life. Be a true friend and you will have many friends. Count and thank your Higher Power for your many blessings daily. Discipline yourself. Decide to make your life count. Edify and...
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    ~Footprints in the Sand~

    One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Scenes from his life flashed across the sky and he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to him and the other to the Lord. When the last scene of his life had flashed before him, he...
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    ~Today's Inspiration~

    "There are no political, economic, 'religious' or military solutions to what is primarily a spiritual problem in the world today, the "We-Them" syndrome. We, all of mankind, must learn and know that "We are all ONE." 'Praise God'
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    "From this side of the 'glass' media being as it is in this 'age'...Understandable why on certain web sites, one may be hesitant in displaying things of personal nature, as pic. of self or personal data. Within 'Christian' fellowship, is it not of interest to 'view' a pic. of whom we...
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    ~Chuckle for the Day~

    Subject: 50 dollars is 50 dollars ******************************** Every year for 45 years James and Lucille had gone to the state Fair. Every year James told Lucille he wanted to go on the helicopter flight. "Its only 50 dollars" he would say. Every year Lucille would say "50 dollars is fifty...
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    Eight Gifts That Don't Cost A Cent! ******************************************************************************** ~THE GIFT OF LISTENING~ But, you must REALLY listen. No interrupting, no daydreaming, no planning your response. Just listening. ~THE GIFT OF AFFECTION~ Be generous with...
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    ~Lessons from Geese~

    LESSONS FROM GEESE OR HONK IF YOU NEED HELP By Milton O. ********************************************************************************** (As each bird flaps its' wings, it creates an uplift for geese following. By flying in a "V" formation, the whole flock adds 71% greater flying range...
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    ~To know What We Don't Know~

    'Ponder this'..."Because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know.............simply...
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    ~Chuckle for Today~

    "Now you know the rest of the story."........:)
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    ~Grandpa's Hands~®

    Grandpa's Hands® by Melinda Clements...( from a friend to a friend...R.I.P. ) ********************************************************************************* Grandpa, some ninety plus years, sat feebly on the patio bench. He didn't move, just sat with his head down staring at his hands. When I...
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    ~Oneness of Purpose~

    "We should have a singleness of purpose to do our part in God's work. We should not let material distractions interfere with our job of improving personal relation ships. It is easy to become distracted by material affairs, so that we lose our singleness of purpose. We should not allow time to...