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    HOME Thread for Christian Singles and Friends

    Does anyone wish to engage in lighthearted conversation?
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    Please pray for Muslims

    There is a big issue and debate in our country right now about Muslims, please pray that they come to know Jesus as their lord and savior.
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    Please pray for the people of The Bronx

    We-they need all the help that God can give
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    (Potentially) Profound Thoughts

    There's man's (huMANkind) wisdom, then there is knowledge that can only come from God, THAT is true knowledge, now how do we get true wisdom from solitude? Asking for myself
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    (Potentially) Profound Thoughts

    My profound thought although trying to be humble is that God is everywhere at all times, the Bible says this. He is omnipotent. I also like that God loves his children and sent his Son to save the world by changing it one person at a time or in groups through bible believing churches. May God...
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    (Potentially) Profound Thoughts

    I like that one becuse its funny
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    Depression after leaving family

    Hold fast to what God has shown you through his word, talk to people in your faith circle, reach out through your church and find and make church friends grow through it and have faith that god is always by your side. Reflect on the good that your family had or has and remember that somewhere...
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    Just Wanna Praise Him!

    I was wondering if we could be praising the lord through Christian business? Is anyone interested in engaging in that sort of thing? For example Christian publications, Christian posters, Christian advertising?