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  1. Odelschwanck

    Jon Steingard (Hawk Nelson) leaves Christianity

    Jon Steingard was Hawk Nelson's singer from 2012 to 2019, featured on the hit songs "Words", "Diamonds", and "Never Let You Down".
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    MercyMe - Hurry Up and Wait

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    The Grizzly Awards

    The first Grizzly Awards for Christian Rock & Metal is being held tonight. They've even managed to get some performances in despite the current situations. You can watch it here
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    The Clintons are going into film-making
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    Man suspended from Facebook, offenses include anti-Hitler posts -Dr. David Wood has left Facebook after several successive suspensions. -Some of the posts he was suspended for were a picture of Hitler with a Muslim leader and a picture of a man refusing to salute with Nazis with...
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    Lifeway closing all stores

    One of the few places where you can just walk in and buy Christian Music is shutting down all store locations.
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    Elizabeth Warren announces presidential run
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    NY senator apologizes for telling woman to kill herself on Twitter
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    NYT Photographer posts support for terrorists on Instagram

    "Wissam Nassar posted pictures of the suspected terrorists behind the Barkan Industrial Estate and Ofra shooting attacks on Instagram, adding the text: “A sad morning that carries with it pride with the martyrs, and honor in resistance. ‘If you lost the way, follow the martyrs’.” " "The...
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    Texas: Mom makes son be transgender, Dad gives him a choice, Dad may lose custody
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    Christian Music in 2019

    As far as Christian Music goes, what are some things you're looking forward to in 2019? What's something you want to see more of? Less of?
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    Fox News sides with CNN in lawsuit against Trump
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    All charges dropped against 3 of the school-shooter compound men
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    Jimmy Fallon: Abortion Can Be “Lighthearted” and “Funny”
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    Creation Fest co-founder sentenced in child sexual abuse case
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    Rockfest Records releases first album

    Today Rockfest Records released their first album - Legacy by The Protest. It's available digitally now and will be in stores on July 27th. Other artists on Rockfest Records are Seventh Day Slumber, Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, Zahna, Random Hero, Amongst The Giants, and The Persuaded.
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    Facebook Restores Gospel Group's Music Video, Why Others Could Still be Banned

    A promoted-post for a song about everybody being happy in heaven was deleted for being "political". The post has since been restored. Funny how these algorithms keep deleting...
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    School Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas

    10 people dead Suspect is 17 year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis Local news post LIVE COVERAGE: 10 killed in Santa Fe High School shooting |
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    McCain requests Trump not attend funeral, Obama and Bush to give eulogies

    I mean, eventually. McCain is still alive, hence the requesting. McCain says Trump should skip his funeral, wants Pence to attend | Fox News