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  1. Jilly81

    Pun WAR!

    Three logicians walk into a juice bar. "Do you all want a taste of today's specialty?" asked the bartender. "I don't know" replied the first man. "I'm not sure" answered the second. "Yes" said the third. Okay, not really a pun, but one of my favorites :).
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    my story and intro

    Welcome to the site Ash, I'm glad to see that you're interested in feeling better. This quote from Jesus Christ might help for starters: "But whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were...
  3. Jilly81

    Merry Christmas! Hope all is well in your household (and that this method of greeting keeps...

    Merry Christmas! Hope all is well in your household (and that this method of greeting keeps your message board from becoming too cluttered :) )
  4. Jilly81

    Hi im new here. Catholic asian girl here

    I'm glad to hear that Sister; He loves you SO much! Are there many other Christians where you live? We are glad to have you here :)
  5. Jilly81

    Hi im new here. Catholic asian girl here

    Welcome to the site, Vyvy! I knew a young lady from Vietnam named Vyvy. She was Buddhist when she was very young, but when she was perhaps 8 years old she asked Jesus to save her from her sins through His death on the cross. It was something I did when I was very young too. Do you believe in...
  6. Jilly81

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I am doing well, thank you! You're back in NY?
  7. Jilly81

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    JIM!!!! Hi buddy, how are ya?
  8. Jilly81

    I want True Christian Friends

    I was homeschooled as well! It's been decades since I was in school, though :). What are some of your favorite books?
  9. Jilly81

    Greetings from England

    Welcome Ferdi, it was very encouraging to hear how you came to Jesus! Welcome to Christian Chat, and more importantly to the family of God, my brother :).
  10. Jilly81

    Dealing with loneliness?

    Ironically, hours after you posted this, I dreamed that I received a Christmas card from you, and was quite happy. "Oh good, a greeting to which I can happily reply; it's from Gabe!" I recall thinking. This feeling did not leaving upon my awakening.
  11. Jilly81

    Krazy Kwestions

    Please don't apologize. Sometimes preaching is proper and needed. Good post, although I honestly find that the pain the non-believers go through on this planet is much worse than what the Christians go through. Maybe the only difference is that we have a Friend to walk with us.
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    Time Well Spent

    I have never heard of anyone lamenting anything other than lack of time spent with God or family (or ministry, such as not reaching more people than he or she did while he/she had the chance). I think that the reason we don't do the things we know that we should is our sin nature, and it seems...
  13. Jilly81

    Like Terms

    First off, thank you for making me two years younger by inadvertently changing my screen name a bit, Ken ;)! And yes, I hadn't been on in a couple months, but I'm almost certain I remember the color you told me that you saw me as being (if that's the correct way to phrase it). I'm a light blue...
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    You're so welcome, Sister! I know it can be very stressful to be around folks who don't love you. If the new potential job doesn't pan out, I wonder if you could be a home health care aide or similar, even if it means going at it alone? "Jesus, in Your name, please give Amberlynn peace...
  15. Jilly81


    Agreeing with you in prayer, in the name of Jesus!
  16. Jilly81

    I'm afraid of hell more than I love Jesus

    Sister, it actually says in the book of Jude that some save through love, others through fear. I think I have something that will bring you a lot of peace, though :). It sounds as though you already asked Jesus to be your Savior. If so, there's Someone Else He wants you to meet. His name is...
  17. Jilly81

    hello i am new here

    Welcome, Theophilus! Hope you find some great fellowship here. I often pray for the persecuted church, so you and your countrymen and women have already been in my prayers.
  18. Jilly81

    Live chat rooms?

    Welcome Sandy! :D Welcome to as well, ButterflyInHisWings. Hope you both have a fantastic time here :)
  19. Jilly81

    Some reassurance would be nice

    Kojikun, it helps a lot of people to do the following. Pray that Jesus fills you to overflowing with the power of the Holy Spirit. It's available to anyone who has asked Jesus to be their Savior from sin. Luke 11:13 is one verse that references this. I'm not pretending that I haven't had...
  20. Jilly81

    Random game.

    Oops, the computer only showed "Cheetos" at first, lol. Robot? Android