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  1. LightBright

    So pics?

    Lol this is singles and the quickest way to a guys heart is his stomach so where's the food at >.> <.<. Anybody tho show the food and add if you made it or not too that'll be cool to know. Food is great i just want a thread to drool over.
  2. LightBright

    The Weeb Thread

    This thread is for all the weird people, like myself, that like things like anime, manga, or even Japanese culture. Here you can be a weeb and argue over things, like who's the one true waifu, without ruining other people's thread topics. There's probably only a few of us on this site but hey...
  3. LightBright

    Guys chat room ( because someone made one for females.....).

    Welp you read the title. Here men, boys, whatever can talk about stuff we would usually talk about with other guys....when females aren't around ig......ANYWAY TALK ABOUT GUY STUFF
  4. LightBright

    Anime Weekend Atlanta

    So i have a couple brother's in Christ and we all like anime right, and this event is pretty well known and one of my friend's goes every year or something like that but I've never seen them IRL sadly not like face to face so i really want to and this event seems like a good opportunity to meet...
  5. LightBright


    I draw sometimes and I'm tryna draw more to improve my skills but i suck at actually doing stuff sometimes and my friend isnt always drawing. Anyway it would be cool to see other people's art and stuff i dont wanna draw alone;.; . So i will try to post a picture at least every other day, for now...
  6. LightBright

    Not by bread alone.....

    So just read some Bible, yea it's like food for your soul and im totally fat so it was great, anyway i wanted to know some Bible stuff about you guys. So: 1.Have you read the Bible cover to cover? 2. How long did it take to do so if you did? 3. How much do you read daily? 4. What's your...
  7. LightBright

    Music Choice

    You read the title i still dont know anybody on here fr so why not talk about your favorite genre's and/or artist cuz who doesn't like music? I personally prefer hip hop or pop ig Vendetta and superhuman by Andy mineo was lit and i like some of Christon Grays stuff like hello goodbye. I dont...
  8. LightBright


    Bruh..... I suck at doing things immediately like absolutely suck at it unless im at work but that's sightly different. Anyway why not talk about a thing so who else struggles with procrastination and in what area of your life i hate myself when i push off time with God for later it's not very...
  9. LightBright

    Where are all the churches?

    So we all know, should know, that church is simply God's people but they usually gather at a building on the Lord's day.....Icant find one. Most of the churches here are all carnal and honestly just disgusting its all fake fske Christians, fake preacher's, bad preaching, and overall just lost...
  10. LightBright

    Adult people advice?

    Sooo im 17 and im basically done with school it wont take long to finish at all. Not only that but i have a pretty decent job and my sister wants me to move in with her and get an apartment so that's the plan atm. What i want to know is pretty broad honestly, but if older or more responsible...
  11. LightBright

    Totally new....ish

    Hey wassup um first post on here not really sure what to expect tbh but friends are always good i have like only a few people to talk to these days... Anyways i should introduce myself right? Name's Nathan nate works doesn't really matter im 17 whoke years old cx. If any of you guys are into...