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  1. Subhumanoidal

    Creativity in Christian Music

    Because people generally Want stale, easy and formulaic. It's comfortable. It's easy to swallow. It's "safe". And God is often viewed in the same light. The God of soul mates, church garage sales, married pastor's with picket fences and 2.5 children and who always smile. And soccer moms and...
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    Creativity in Christian Music

    "Be all things to all men" by sticking to outdated and unpopular things and calling that more spiritual. I must admit to being rather dumbfounded that a Christian that follows God, a creator, whose creations are vastly and endlessly imaginative and mind blowing believe the best solution is to...
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    Issues with Friends

    Well your "doom and gloom" friend may actually be your "depressed" friend, and thus not a personality issue but something deeper that may require treatment. And if that is so your approach definitely would not help. And honesty is rarely respected anymore. I find those people willing to speak...
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    "Love" Prophecies Within the Church - Have You Found Them to Be Victorious - or Victimization?

    I was saved into an AoG church and received at least one personal prophecy (probably more but this one stood out for some reason). He was a guest speaker at our youth group. He was basically calling up anyone who wanted to be prophesied over, so I went up. It became clear, quickly, his...
  5. Subhumanoidal

    Over 40 Never Married

    Huh. All i ever got was an occasional 'why aren't you married?' and upon answering them, that was usually the end of the conversation. I think it depends more on the type of people around you since i never had any real problems with this issue. Some are very into marriage and nearly make getting...
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    The truth about Muhammad "Feedback appreciated"

    Are you aware that "Arab" does not mean Muslim? Also the Arab forum is rarely used so posting here expecting a lot of feedback isn't likely to happen.
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    New Christian here!!

    The more posts up the more potential hits on Google that may attract new users. And they can't delete the posts as they are still relevant to the threads. Even if people don't respond they may still get something out of reading old threads and deleting posts wouldn't mess that up. Actually if it...
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    Over 40 Never Married

    45, never married, no kids. And not for a lack of desire. I am dating someone now. My cousin was 60 before he had his first marriage and child (a little over a year ago). I'm not around many people but no one makes a big deal out of it. And even when I was around more people, it was pretty rare...
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    New Christian here!!

    You're about 7 years too late. It pays to notice the dates on threads before responding. Also the person you're responding to is no longer a member.
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    What happened to my new thread? No approval given, thread deleted from my account

    It can be easy to not realize how much you post and not realize how quickly things can be moved back. But, yes, it does pay to look a little further still. But in this case it was still on page one. Perhaps not getting a confirmation he didn't check? Do people get notified when threads are...
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    What happened to my new thread? No approval given, thread deleted from my account

    I found it on your profile, under Postings.
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    What happened to my new thread? No approval given, thread deleted from my account

    This one?
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    Finding Her ..

    I meant Your being suspect. Your reading comprehension seems to be lacking, judging by numerous posts you've responded to and missing what's clearly stated. That you are so obsessed with finding a woman you know nothing about is suspect. You're either naive and desperate or you have questionable...
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    Classic Christian Rock

    They were far from the first to bring in rap, just the first to gain any real popularity. They took a more pop mainstream approach while others attempted a more authentic approach, thus the lack of mainstream popularity.
  15. Subhumanoidal

    Finding Her ..

    If googling her user name yielded no results then you're stuck. There are no other options. But assuming she was legit, I'd have to think you spending this long hunting someone down you only PMed a few times may creep her out. I mean you have absolutely zero personal info and are taking it this...
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    Comment by 'Subhumanoidal' in media '_n.jpg'

    You're 😝
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    The apps are only for the live chats and not the forums. And there is no iPhone option for that.
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    Download link for Christian Chat desktop application for Windows

    Adobe Air IS still supported. It's Flash that is no longer supported. Air replaced Flash.
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    As a wife, which comes first, house holding or seeking God?..

    This is a loaded question. Which means you know what you want to hear. You seem to be rather unenthused in dealing with your husband. Many times women put their children ahead of their marriage and think they are doing right by their children. But ultimately that's false. Parents should be...