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  1. fizzyjoe

    You're a Natural

    I'm curious what you all might have a natural knack for, share what you feel you are a natural at😀
  2. fizzyjoe

    Respect, Property, and Protection

    I have a question this will be perhaps a long read... I remember in the Bible that Jesus asked his disciples to purchase two swords, not for the purpose of killing or blood shed but, for protection and perhaps intimidation, well I don't have swords but, I do have 2 I identical chair leg sticks...
  3. fizzyjoe

    confuse your date in one phrase

    you know what I'm talking about, words you might use from a different state or phrases someone wouldn't understand that raise the eyebrows🤣
  4. fizzyjoe

    Striving to stay strong, positive, and focused

    Hi everyone Joe here again, been working full time and it's been working a number on me so to speak, sometimes I feel so tired I don't wanna even do trivial things like wash up for the next day... blehhh im some ways I miss part time work but, been nice to have a little extra money to buy cool...
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    The Sleep Thread

    Post gifs, emojis, pictures, or even explain what helps you sleep so that all of us can possibly get some good sleep by way of influence or ideas😀😀😀
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    What's Joe been up to?

    Hi everyone Joe of the Fizz here lol, actually now I quite like my new name I found... Joe is here for you, because well that's just how I have been toward people, been on social media being a friendly counselor of sorts, a friend, and doing what I can to help some of the most downhearted people...
  7. fizzyjoe

    The after taco 🌮

    Every post whether multiple words, emojis,sentences or paragraphs must end with the word, taco, the sillier the better🤣😂
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    Mention something that is Fizzy that you like very simple 😃
  9. fizzyjoe

    When you can't find a church you can call home is online good enough?

    I moved to live with my mom again, churches are far away and my brother goes to in my opinion a rather strange church that creeps me out so haven't been going with him anymore, so I was wondering if fellowship here is just as good when there's no church to go to....
  10. fizzyjoe

    New friend

    Just invited someone from China to try this site for interacting, since they can't use American apps, figured this might be the right place since we talk around the world here, so if a person shows up looking for me please, welcome them and inform me!☺️
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    The Taco thread 🌮

    Ever said Taco out loud? Ever gotten that feeling that a taco would be just right for you? Ever craved taco hot sauce? Well then the taco thread is probably for you please post all taco related subjects!☺️
  12. fizzyjoe

    I'm back home

    It's been awhile but, I'm glad to be back here, I finished what I set out to do so I have nothing keeping me from here. My days of adolescence are coming to a close, I know all that I have endured has been guided by God and all to teach me what it is to live. I have had my fun as one could put...