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  1. WineRose

    So, I’m back...and I’m agnostic now.

    Hey guys!!! Sorry about my unexpected hiatus...I just kinda dropped out of CC after there was nothing really left to type about...but, now I’m back, and I promise that I will keep posting whenever I can! Now, about the title...yeah, sorry...that wasn’t clickbait :/ Butbutbut...before a few...
  2. WineRose

    WineRose makes a new thread woooooo

    Found this type of question on many other why not put this here as well? I'll make some changes, however... What/whoever's on your avatar/profile picture (You can choose) challenges you to a 30-minute one-on-one duel. They are very determined to defeat you and won't stop until...
  3. WineRose

    What do you think is your most liked post as of now, and how many likes does it have?

    Look at the title lol. You can also post a link to that post if you want. I'll start first. I think this is my most liked post by far:
  4. WineRose

    Why am I doing this to myself :/

    The number of likes I get on this post in a week is the number of weeks that this badge will be on my signature!
  5. WineRose

    The Thread of Cringe

    Howdy! Got some pictures or jokes that are really cringy and dad-like? Post them here! Let's see how this turns out...
  6. WineRose

    The Terrible Advice Thread

    Howdy! :) Since I, myself, am not at all the best advice-giver, I just had an idea to create a thread completely dedicated to bad advice from others just like me. your worst!!!
  7. WineRose

    The Terrible Drawing Thread

    Hey there, people. Since I have shared some of my MASTERPIECES on this site: ...I felt rather curious about how well (or...not) the rest of you guys can draw. So yeah, feel free to draw anything you like and share it here! It could be an animal, your impression of someone on CC, an abstract...
  8. WineRose


    I'm hopping on this trend, too!
  9. WineRose

    Totally Original and Creative Poll: What's your favourite color?

    I know that many of my threads are just deviants of other threads, so this time...this day...I shall be...*gasp* ORIGINAL...and...CREATIVE!!!! So yeah. Tell us your favourite color and why you chose it out of the millions of other possible colors! And, while you're at it, guess what my...
  10. WineRose

    Say something DIScouraging!

    I'll start first this time: You're as this banana!!!
  11. WineRose

    Make your date run away from you screaming in eleven words!

    Title says it all...
  12. WineRose

    Totally bomb a date in either 3, 6 or 9 words!

    Title says it all :) Fire away!
  13. WineRose

    The New Troll Thread

    This thread is essentially a reincarnation of Huglife's troll thread, which suddenly got deleted two months ago for reasons which I am not aware of. I had so much fun in that thread, so I'm bringing it back to life once more! For those who haven't seen Huglife's troll thread before it got...
  14. WineRose

    Cute Picture Thread

    Okay, so the last time I made a thread in the Teens Forum, it completely bombed (I'm not gonna even say what the thread was about, I want it to be forgotten...), so I'm trying again! Hmm...I feel that this forum needs a little more...sugar. Time to have a sweetness overload!!! You can dump...
  15. WineRose

    What do you think about self esteem?

    This is the first time I actually asked a question, but I got something for ya. What is your view of self esteem? Good or bad? Is self love or hate more beneficial in the long run when it comes to your walk with Jesus? I ask this for no particular reason, just to see what people think. My view...
  16. WineRose

    Finally I make a new thread

    Okay, now that I've been on CC for a week now and we got to know each other a little bit, time for me to actually tell you my full story in the most amount of detail possible. So settle down and grab a coffee or something, because this is going to be a very long one. Okay, so once upon a time...
  17. WineRose

    14 year old introvert here.

    Hello. I came here because I know that fellowship is important for my growth as a Christian, and me and God are still on shaky ground after a pretty unusual religion issue of mine last year where I nearly slipped into atheism and was kind of like an agnostic deist for a while, until I finally...