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    What version of the bible do you read and what one do you like best

    I have read the king James and the New king James Version plus the New International Version . I find the New Internationan eaiser to understand but at the sametime they leave out a lot of information that you would find in the King James and the New King James . So I find myself cross...
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    For my Mom .

    Please pray for my mom . She is heart problems and the doctors can't do anything for he . Now she has spills where she passes out .
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    New Member

    Hello my name is ShowMercy . I have been saved and go to Carelton Church of God . I have been married for 40 years . I have one son who is married . I found out I had bipolar in 2006 . But was showing sgins of bipolar at age 15 . I love reading my Bible and doing my daily devoations . Prayer is...