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    God is in a good mood!

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    Origin of the Cross?

    I’ve always heard that crucifixion originated In Rome, but is this true? In reading Ezra this morning, I came across this scripture. Ezr 6:7 Let the work of this house of God alone; let the governor of the Jews and the elders of the Jews build this house of God in his place. Ezr 6:8...
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    Door of Light

    Door of Light It's good to be a boulder in the Kingdom One is stedfast, strong in their believing Nothing moves one from their understanding But, the door to this will age with paint now peeling. There are levels in Gods Kingdom to explore He is calling for us..Come! Here is the door! Only One...
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    For Blain

    One New Man Who Will Hear? Who will hear what saith, the Spirit to the churches? Who will heed My Spirit, and My Words commands? Who will hear the being unburdened? This is one I seek...I will make him to stand. For this is the day..of the Lord and His coming Bringing forth...
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    The Dark Horse Prophets/ Jennifer Martin

    Awaken The Heart Mimistries/ facebook The dark horse minstrels are arising! They will be burning in the place of consuming fire, coming out of the cleft of the rock from the hidden places where they have met with God and have seen His glory. They will be fueled with resurrection power...
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    The world today

    From my unknown. Saw this posted this morning and had to repost ..... going to step on toes..... but this is the TRUTH!!!! Welcome to the world today..... Where sex is free and love is expensive.. Where losing a phone is more painful than losing your virginity...
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    Prophecy concerning President Trump

    I just read this in Charisma magazine online today. Because of the thread elsewhere, I thought I would share. I know many here aren’t familiar with the prophetic. I’m not responding to comments. Prophecy: 'You Are Going to See the Man of War I Am' Published4 days ago AuthorWanda Alger...
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    Happy Fathers Day

    to all fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, foster parents and Daddys Happy Fathers Day to our heavenly Father!
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    Am going to try to post two pics of an angel that my daughter in law took this morning. This is in Virginia.
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    Day of prayer

    Today is the day of prayer that Franklin Graham declared on the 26th of this month. It's on Facebook, but I didn't see any postings about it. And am now surprised that it's not here It's a day of prayer for our President Trump. If you are concerned about our government and the persecution...
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    Ministry of reconciliation.

    We are all ministers of reconciliation. What is it? And how will it affect not only others, but ourselves?
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    Travail He labored as He hung in pain To bring His Child unto the birth His Child of seed that men can't see A seed of Life beyond this earth.. As men below Him gazed on Him No comfort for Him, all alone His thoughts all for His Fathers will His hope in heart? A heavenly throne...
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    One New Man

    One New Man Who Will Hear? Who will hear what saith, the Spirit to the churches? Who will heed My Spirit, and My Words commands? Who will hear the being unburdened? This is one I seek...I will make him to stand. For this is the day..of the Lord and His coming...
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    Wild melons

    We have over 20 small round melons growing in the cow pasture here. They look just like store watermelons. So I googled them and got different info about them. Some said edible, others say bitter. Then apparently some are poisonous. Also read that they can be fried like green tomatoes...
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    A Ready Heart

    Still my favorite- received May 7, 2013 A Ready Heart Offerings What could I offer to You O My King? What is of worth, would I have to You bring? Nothing but purest of gifts are You worthy.. My hands and my heart seem so empty.. My Child, it's not sacrifice that I am pleased with I gave...
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    You will walk worthy before me I've promised you this in my Word I've spoken this promise Now heard in thy ear And shown you my will From above So trust me as I speak Be bold and be strong And stand for mine others I've chosen with love A mantle of my self Is wrapped all around My presence, my...
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    Inheritance We have been given all that we need To live godly lives in this world. His Spirit is greater than any evil But on His flesh and blood we must feed Self lies to us every day if we give ear So cast out those thoughts by His Words A battle that Jesus has already won for us Perfect...
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    A Visit To Heaven- post from Jeffrey Stewart

    Below is a visit to Heaven as described by Micah Turnbo. This is the TRUTH. I've been there too. It is so bright. I was surrounded by worshippers. Love and joy as you cannot imagine., It is SO bright. But do you want to know WHAT I remember the most? Do you want to know WHAT really stood out? I...
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    True Repentance - Jeffrey Stewart

    Repent in the Greek simply means to change how you think. It does not have the condemnation and sorrow that many think it does. Most people in the church have the Catholic view of the word "repentance". The Greek word for repentance is metanoia. It simply means "to change your mind.". The...