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  1. christian74

    Would you be willing to wait for the person you like/love for 10 years?

    I had some fun discussion with close friends about relationship. It started with this phrase, "settle for nothing less than your best," and the discussion revolved around the meaning of 'your best.' Then someone suggested how some people find their perfect match when they are well advanced in...
  2. christian74

    You take legs/thighs and I will take wings/breast...

    Whether you are looking for that significant other or not, wouldn't it be nice to have that special someone in your life who can balance you out? What I mean is, for example, if one person is little too emotional, then having an analytical person in your life would balance that out, thus...
  3. christian74

    Who would you nominate? (and why?)

    I checked fb out of blue, sort of catching up with old acquaintances' lives - kids are growing up fast, good/sad stories, and a few surprises as well. One of the surprises was a gal from a former job is now running for Congress. So.. If you would have to nominate a CC member from Singles...
  4. christian74

    A thought-provoking question..

    If you were trapped on a desert Island with other CC members, which member do you think would be most likely to resort to cannibalism first?
  5. christian74

    Are You Romantic?

    I don't consider myself romantic but do believe it can really reinvigorate any relationship like feeling refreshed after having a frosted key lime shake from Chick-fil-a after having a long day. What kind of romantic gesture/thing would you do for your future spouse or want him/her do for you...
  6. christian74

    A quick question as a SINGLE man : how do you become HUMBLE?

    I know this thread perhaps is more suited in the Bible Discussion forum (but using my single status as a justification for posting it here - another wonderful benefit of being single) but just wanted to ask you guys your thoughts and understanding on the topic of 'being humble.' I would...
  7. christian74

    God settles the solitary into a family

    Hey fellow CCiers, I read a verse from Psalms 68 which says, God settles the solitary into a family,... (Pslams 68:7a), and wanted to share and remind all of you, especially myself, that God is the one who settles my (and your) single status. God bless.
  8. christian74

    REMINDER: Total Lunar Eclipse in about one hour ("Blood Moon")

    Just found out about a total lunar eclipse taking place tonight and those in North and South America will be able to see it. It starts at 12:53 AM Easter Standard Time (10:53 PM for those in Pacific Standard Time). Enjoy!
  9. christian74

    11/11, 11:11:11

    It's gonna be 11/11, 11:11:11 am pretty soon (Pacific Time) Just wanted to share this with all the singles of CC. Have a good one. PS: Not sure if this is the right forum to post but will delete later today after another 11:11:11 pm.