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  1. Yeraza_Bats

    Please pray for my moms eyes

    My mom had to see an eye doctor today, apparently she was told that she has developed glaucoma, and her doctor told her that she will need to have the lense of her eyes removed, and have implants placed in them. She says that the doctor said that the surgery will be inevitable. She is afraid...
  2. Yeraza_Bats

    Serious request

    So my grandfather is coming close to death. Ive been thinking about it alot, Ive wanted to talk with him about Christ while I can, and Ivr been worried about him. Ive seen him multiple times now, but I could never get myself to bring up the topic of Christ to him. So tonigjt I decided to send...
  3. Yeraza_Bats

    Erdogen calls for "attack against Israel"

    I do not know how reliable this news site is, but I just read this here- Erdogan, who has made calls for a revival of the ottoman empire, calls for islamic nations to gather...
  4. Yeraza_Bats

    Post a fact about yourself

    So yap, its a pretty simple thread, post a random fact about yourself. It can be about a talent of yours, something you like, something that you dont like, anything at all as long as its a fact about you. Ill start it off... I have a birthmark on my left hand. Its just a little red blotch...
  5. Yeraza_Bats

    A serious (and self centered) thread

    So, Ive noticed that Ive been having alot of problems with this forum lately. Not on a technical level btw, but on a more personal level. I find that I get a bit frustrated from this site, more than other sites which of course have these same problems to /some/ degree, and I often have have some...
  6. Yeraza_Bats

    Should Christians contend for the faith?

    Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. Jude 1:3 I was watching a Dinesh D'Souza video the other day, and in...
  7. Yeraza_Bats

    Please pray for my friend's dad

    Sadly Im starting this a bit late, as the surgery has already begun. But my friends father is having heart surgery. Please pray for the Lord to be with him and his family, to watch over them and to guide the surgeon performing the operation. Thanks for your time.
  8. Yeraza_Bats

    Is there meaning to marriage without physical attraction/desire?

    Alright, Im gonna totally open up and get personal about myself here, cuz this is something that I think about alot and would like some guidance on. And of course I would want the help of other Christians : p But yeah, so uhh... the desire to have physical relations isnt really something I deal...
  9. Yeraza_Bats

    Lets talk about the Quran

    So Ive been reading the quran here and there, and Ive seen some verses being thrown around that arent really what they seem to be, so Ive decided to to make a thread about it so that we can talk about it, and maybe people more knowledgeable than me can share some stuff too : p Im bringing up...
  10. Yeraza_Bats

    David Wood

    Haha, it feels so weird making a thread about an actual specific living person : p Like, I have a fear that he will one day google his own name and find this thread here on this site, haha. But anywho, Ive been thinking alot about him lately, and Id really like to hear others opinions on him...
  11. Yeraza_Bats

    "The fastest way to a man's heart"

    I remember hearing on like old-timey tv shows and movies as a kid that "cooking is the fastest way to a man's heart", or something like that. I like to think about that sometimes, like is that true? Does that apply to everyone? I was thinking that it would be cool to hear others opinions on...
  12. Yeraza_Bats

    I just wanted to show appreciation for this forum publicly

    So I was searching the internet, and I found another Christian forum in my searches. I thought Id check it out, and see what it was like, and checked out a thread. Well, in my quick search the vast majority of those who responded to the OP were not Christian. I know this because theres a...
  13. Yeraza_Bats

    Another question on Christian music- Any melodic bass guitarist?

    So Ive made threads like this here before, bringing up my own problems with getting into Christian music cuz guitarists/singers, unrelatable music stylings, ect. Alot of people here like the genre so I like coming here to see if anyone more knowledgeable than me has an answer : p But anywho, my...
  14. Yeraza_Bats

    Favorite Insrumentalist

    So singers often get alot of attention, being the voice of a song and all, people generally relate to them in some way. But the people playing the music itself should get some attention, too. This thread is about instrumentalists you like. They can sing, too. But this is meant to be about...
  15. Yeraza_Bats

    Favorite Soda?

    Zeroturbulences junk food related polls have inspired me to make one based on one of my own favorite junk foods : p Soda, or pop, or coke, depending on where you live and which one you prefer : p I really like it, for whatever reason, and I definitely drink it far too much : p It rots your...
  16. Yeraza_Bats

    Where Did Jesus Say, "I Am God, Worship Me"?

    This is for anyone who believes in the true Jesus Christ of the Gospel. I usually dont do this, and I probly wont do it again for a while, but I wanted to share this video, as I feel it is extremely important and awesome. Its focused on the Muslim claim that Jesus was "just a prophet", but it...
  17. Yeraza_Bats

    Ask the user below you a question

    I wasnt sure if this thread already existed here or not, but I havent seen one like it when going through the pages of this section looking for other threads, so Im gonna assume its safe to make it : p But yeah, anywho this is a simple and fun thread that generates conversation easily, so am...
  18. Yeraza_Bats

    What was your family like growing up?

    Im taking this idea from another forum : p But anywho, this is just a thread to talk about your family, and what it was like growing up with them. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be (mine will be long : p) But yeah, anywho... When I was young, I was very close to both of my...
  19. Yeraza_Bats

    Red or Blue?

    So I don't think Ive mentioned it here on this forum before, but I actually have a big fascination for colors. Like, I just love colors, I like being surrounded by them and thinking about them talking about them. I dunno why, I just think theyre way amazing : p I love dual colors, too. Like, I...
  20. Yeraza_Bats

    User name change

    Is there a way I can change my user name? I looked in the edit profile options but didnt see anything. Are we allowed to change our user name here?