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  1. ProphetExcalibur

    The Righteous Jesus Road

    Your Star 🌟, imploded on the cross Creation gasped and sway The old man of the soul; was crucified Between, God and man displayed Jesus blood was spilt; His body broke Unto this cross, all things were drawn Sheol swallowed God; His Soul it sought But Christ arose, at 3rd days Dawn! God...
  2. ProphetExcalibur

    Qanon or Q

    Who are these people? Are they an opposition to American Deep State,?
  3. ProphetExcalibur

    I Meant to Pray!

    with both my eyes my bed I see.. then falling down upon my knees.. i bowed my head and rubbed my nose.. then got a twitch in both my toes.. i sighed aloud and turned my head.. leaned forward resting on my bed.. i thought to say Lord to keep... but next i started seeing sheep.. i...
  4. ProphetExcalibur

    Poem: Stained Glass what do you Hide

    O Cross of Lamb Stained Blood of God On Tree a curse Where Angel's fears O Jesus Wooden Beam Stained Body beat Son of Man to save Of sin Redeemed O Christ and Tree Stained Covenant sealed Dark ceiling broke Eve reveals her Son O Cross and Word Stained...
  5. ProphetExcalibur

    THOU SPIRIT 8-15-2013

    To mine sight... doth Thou Spirit cast unto me Thy brightness... Thus the dark light... that crawls upon me in Shadow... flees from Thy pursuit of me... O God.. Illuminate to me Thy path... where Thou feet has pressed against the dew... and Thine fellowship awaits me.. in the Cool of...
  6. ProphetExcalibur

    The Song Of Solomon, does it have a place in the 21st Century?

    This is one of over 1000 songs Solomon wrote, does it belong in the Bible? I guess it does it's in there! Has it any merit in today for the common people who seek after love, or is it just for nobility? Can a common person who has nothing even deal with feelings or emotions like this? Can we...
  7. ProphetExcalibur

    The Unclean being Cast into the Unclean

    In Mark Ch. 5, we are told of Jesus casting out an unclean spirit (Legion) out of a mad man who lived in tombs. There is much to be said here and learned. My own personal opinion is this was a show of force by God after Jesus had been tempted by the Devil; Jesus had already healed people...
  8. ProphetExcalibur

    Are your sins paid for? or Are your sins forgiven you?

    Speaking here of Christians
  9. ProphetExcalibur

    Hey, Howdy Yourself!

    Was just checking out a new place, much obliged to meet u!