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    Salome's healing

    Praying.. [Give her more fresh fruit juices, Lev.=)]
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    One from our Filipino hymnal: Sapagkat ang Diyos ay Pag-ibig. Here's a translation, not singable=). I havent found it translated for singing. Sapagkat Ang Diyos Ay Pag-ibig with lyrics by Papuri Singers - Bing video Music: Dave Magalong Love is what inspires our hearts and souls It brought...
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    A few: Be Thou My Vision Holy, Holy, Holy Take My Life and Let It Be Fairest Lord Jesus All Creatures of Our God and King Crown Him with Many Crowns
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    I love learning new ones.. i mean they may be old, but as i didnt grow up w/ them in Catholic church except one or two, taking time to discover more as i look at lyrics first, then check out a few to listen to. Quite a number i love to sing or listen to now, and ive just posted one piano solos...
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    Prayer for our missionaries

    For those who have the desire to pray and have some time to spare: Prayer Points for our 23 Missionaries (in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, China, UAE, Singapore, S. Korea, Italy, Canada.. Thank you!  Visa application and approval  Wedding preparations  Clear ministry direction after...
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    Something You are Thankful For

    Oh, really taste and see that the Lord is good! I also always look fwd to working outdoors in the garden, feeling the breeze and the sun early in the day, seeing the light coming out. So blessed to be alive, and see God's daily miracles. Always thankful for His Word, which even when i cannot...
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    New Years Resolution for 2021

    In grade school, i remember being asked to write some new year's resolutions. And while it doesnt seem popular now to write down resolutions, i think it is fine to always have, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly=) and do as best we can with God's grace. I still hope to be more organized, and...
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    Still unsure

    Hi kaykel, I dont feel it's impossible for me or others to be saved. And even if it took me many years to grow and learn as a child of God, it's all worth the journey. Started to read my own Bible when i was a teen, and had to go thru many humps as well as potholes in my life, but the best...
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    Quick sand

    Hi Kaykel, as i have not time to write right now, i'm just taking note of ur post and remembering in prayer. God help you in ur present situation, as u continue to seek the Lord with all your heart.
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    Faster answers to prayers

    There are days i worked or did other things and finished later in the day and plopped into bed on my face to pray. So tired to say much, i say the Lord's prayer and a few other things i could still while awake=).
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    Faster answers to prayers

    Yes, quite interesting. There's a class on the Life and Ministry of Prayer at Bible school i am enrolled in, but cannot afford to take the subject this sem. Just sitting in the first 2 lessons, i have been gaining insight i havent known or realized in my Christian life. While i love to read...
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    Christian counseling?

    As i read thru the responses, allow me to post a few verses found on Christian counsel/or. Proverbs 24:6 for you should wage war with sound guidance– victory comes with many counselors. Psalm 16:7 I will praise the LORD who counsels me— even at night my conscience instructs me. James 3:17 But...
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    To fast or not to fast

    Instead of starting a new thread, i thot to just post this here: Everything You Need to Know About Fasting // How to Fast Step by Step - YouTube
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    New song about jesus Love

    Hi Santoshkc, thanks.. i wish we knew what the lyrics were saying. Years ago, i had a student from Tamil Nadu. Not sure i could sing w/ their songs, but we had hymnals w/ the translations of the foreign songs, so i had an idea:giggle:
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    The First Noel on Piano

    Thank you for sharing your song with us this season! I hope ppl continue to sing these, and the younger folks also learn and remember to pass on to their children. When i cannot play personally, i just play carols on YT part of the day so they hear=)
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    Prayer for my Mom

    Amen.. When you remember to pray for Angela's mom, may you include my own mother too, who tho i know she has prayed to accept Jesus into her heart years ago, has been living w/ my RC siblings, whether here or abroad. And so also continued w/ their masses and traditions. I still pray and strive...
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    Bimonthly prayer request for India

    Lord, we continue to lift this prayer request, knowing You have been working on the details of what we ask for. We may not see much yet, but Your hand is not short that You cannot reach to those who sincerely repent and ask for mercy. May hearts continue to soften before You, and commit their...
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    Make haste.. or slow down

    Just the other day i heard a local counselor speaking on Youtube on a series he called Parked. It's like while we still have various community quarantines in place, there's much we cannot normally do.. but God shows we need not worry or be weary while doing good, even if that we can do at...
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    CHRISTmas Music

    I still love the old carols, and have been listening to some of those posted here in fact. As ive come to know some of the lyrics thru the years, i sometimes choose those w/ lyrics on videos to sing along w/, and just look on parts ive forgotten. Some question the correctness of some lyrics...