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    We ran

    We ran We. Ran. Ran we. We, ran We....ran....
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    Ijn amen

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Say your prayer here and end it with Ijn 🙏🙏🙏
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    Vote for Pedro, Vote for Me

    Anyone here after the voting jam going on Twitter??? Will twitter decide the elected?
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    Prayers for my dog

    She ate three pieces of mexican candy (masapanes) she hasn’t pooped since. That was yesterday.
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    Refill rx

    That i can get my meds today without any trouble. In Jesus name, Amen
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    Person with thyroid needs healing and well being Lupita Vega.
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    For the missing part of the fridge to get here asap and the handyman can get his work done and we can have a working fridge Amen
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    My leader Martha Burell

    She had a car accident and is in pain and hurting trying to fix herself and her car.
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    My uncle and girlfriend

    They can stay toghether and not get discouraged by the enemy i love them too much.
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    Checkin In

    Where u at and what are you doing huh? i see youuuuu 👁
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    What is

    What is Christianity? Please feel free to add definition, statement etc. in your own words. Thnx.
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    Anybody know about Angels having sex with women on earth? If you have, can you please explain?