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  1. Jilly81

    Removing one's place in mic queue

    If there's a way to allow a chat user to remove his or her name from the queue for the microphone before the line gets to him or her, that'd be great. A lot of times someone else who is before me in line for the mic answers the question another had asked, and the desire for the mic is gone by...
  2. Jilly81

    A gender-neutral option to click when joining (please hear me out on this)

    First off, anyone who clicked this "gender-neutral" option instead of "male" or female" would be held on a VERY tight reign; no flirting allowed by them whatsoever, nor may they discuss body issues with another member, under penalty of immediate ban. In theory it'd mainly be used by those did...
  3. Jilly81

    Previous jealousies you overcame

    This thread is being created to point out that although it's normal to have insecurities, we can overcome them, especially with God's help. Most (probably all) of us have seen things that other people have that we wanted for ourselves, whether it was the way someone looked, something special...
  4. Jilly81

    Say something nice about the opposite gender :)

    This thread is one in which we can let the guys (or girls :)) know what we appreciate about their traits in general, stereotypical or otherwise. This can be a touch tricky, of course, since people are still individuals and don't fit into a box. Just be nice and you can say whatever you want :).
  5. Jilly81

    New people who want friends, please click this thread!

    Please tell us about yourself. We'd love to know a little bit about your church, your family, or where you live. Here are a few other random questions as well: How old were you when you met Jesus for the first time if you have :)? What is your favorite food? You could give a favorite...
  6. Jilly81

    Help needed to find a factory in the Philippines

    Hello brothers and sisters :)! I was hoping for some help or advice. I know several people who are in need of custom products that they would like to buy from outside the United States. A man recommended to one of these people that he attempt to find a group in the Philippines that would made...
  7. Jilly81

    Ability to post without bumping the thread to the top of the forum

    It'd be great if there was a way to post in a thread without bumping said thread. Perhaps if a button could be clicked before you posted that would add your post to the thread without bumping it to the top of the forum. That way people who had already posted in the thread would be notified on...
  8. Jilly81

    Any thoughts on this method of showing interest (especially guys)

    Recently one of the sisters here mentioned hoping that a certain guy would ask her out. They had talked some, but she never specifically let him know that she was interested in dating him (that I read). After they were no longer co-workers, she said that she wished that she'd asked him out...
  9. Jilly81

    The hugging thread :)

    Bump it when ya need one or want to give one out, Peeps :).
  10. Jilly81

    For derailments (also an apology to Arwen) :)

    First off, my apologies to Arwen83 for derailing her thread by making a post asking KenThomas if he was still living. Admittedly, I wasn't the only one who posted during the page or so that we derailed a thread specifically devoted to thoughts instead of conversation, but I incited/tempted the...
  11. Jilly81

    Questions you always wanted to ask, part III

    We've done this twice before, and I think it's time for another round :). This is a thread in which we ask each other questions, usually ones specific to specific users, but general ones are fine as well. Don't get banned peeps, but ignore questions you don't want to answer. I couldn't think...
  12. Jilly81

    The year-round thankfulness thread :)

    This thread is where we can post things that we didn't want originally and wouldn't have chosen for ourselves, but are choosing to give thanks for because we were told to do so in the Bible. If you can now see why the issue/trouble/sad time/trial, etc. ended up being for the good, say so if...
  13. Jilly81

    This girl I barely know...

    Her name is Cristina, and she sent me a friend request on another site. I suspect she thought I was someone with a similar name, but I accepted and she really needs some help. She's a teenager with one of those sad, messed-up lives that makes you cringe if you read her posts. Right now I'm...
  14. Jilly81

    Man who could use some prayers

    His name is Brian, and I met him today at my workplace. I really get the impression that he's been judged an awful lot throughout his life. I told him a little bit about Jesus, and he was still kind to me when he was leaving. I hope he sees soon how much our Savior loves him, and wants him to...
  15. Jilly81

    AsIfInPassing's Message Board

    Hey everyone, Reece doesn't have a Visitor Message Board, not even a private one. I think you all know what to do in this thread =D.
  16. Jilly81

    Anyone good with screen casting?

    I was hoping that someone here is good enough with computers to make a video of themselves using the chat room and the forums. The reason for this is to help the new people who join; it would be so much easier to give a link to the video to everyone who has questions about using the site. I...
  17. Jilly81

    The praise report/answered prayer thread :)

    Someone recently suggested that a special forum be created to give reports of answered prayer. In the meantime (and perhaps even if the new forum IS created), I think this thread would be a good idea, so I'm starting it. Please feel free to add things that you're thankful for, if you don't...
  18. Jilly81

    A suggestion for the mamas on this site :)

    This is especially for the homeschool moms, but really all of them, and dads as well. In the welcome threads there are a lot of people who join and want some attention, but not a ton of people who welcome them. It honestly seems like a good job for a young person, and I wanted to suggest that...
  19. Jilly81

    This lady could use some prayers :)

    I had a neat experience yesterday. I was talking to a lady on the phone. She called me hoping to purchase something my home business sells. She complimented me and the business, and I thanked her, but mentioned that Jesus was the One to whom I give credit, and added that my parents had...
  20. Jilly81

    Prayer Request for Ugly

    Hmmm, after typing in that title, it looks a little bit funny. Seriously, everyone, the man in the Singles' Forum with the screen name Ugly was admitted to the hospital yesterday (Friday) with bad stomach pain. The pain has lessened, but to quote what he said to me, "maybe you could throw out...