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    Leer mij vertrouwen, zonder al te veel te vallen please
  2. Elene
  3. Elene

    My Mind is at War

    Dear beloved child, my sister in Jesus. Your story touched me. I recognize what you are going trough. Although Jesus can feel everything, that thought comforts me the most. Im a single mom too, also with trauma and abuse history, but i want to leave my past behind and offering my hart everyday...
  4. Elene

    My Insane Testimony

    We hope his christmind is still activated :P
  5. Elene

    My Insane Testimony

    Dear brother, why are you a guest on CC and not an member? Bless you with more joy
  6. Elene

    My testimony - without God's help, no gospel tract can help you

    You are so Beautiful! He has given you the gift to write this down and to be an blessing for me also. Because now i understand my first rebellion prayer. I felt convicted also. I thought that it was my fault, that i couldnt be upright.. always a little bit ´wantrouwend´. i dont know the English...
  7. Elene

    Hello folks, Dutchy here

    Hi Marcelo, verrassend om opeens een Nederlandse reactie te krijgen. Bent u erg actief op CC? Wat is uw ervaring hier? Heeft u leuke connecties opgedaan?
  8. Elene

    Getting ready to meet the Love of your life. Wisdom?

    Lord Jesus, i pray that this list may come true this year for Solemateleft and bless me also with this list :) You are in controle forever Amen.
  9. Elene

    Hello folks, Dutchy here

    Be blessed with hospitality dear people for your welcoming me. Thank you! Im loving the testamonies forum, thanks Danya for telling me. And for always; excuse my bad English writing. The last time i took an English lesson was around 2004 haha
  10. Elene

    Hello folks, Dutchy here

    Well, i have the need to chat with you, about the wonders He is doing in your live. And maybe share mine. Thats all really. :)
  11. Elene

    You've got the read the Hebrew...

    Good morning, i have ( geslapen in het Engels) well, and now im going to the sabbath groupe. Maybe i hear something about this subject there. Then i will share it. For now, peace to you all :) Ps I get a smile of reading your opinions, because your talking nice and complicated, for me, at...
  12. Elene

    You've got the read the Hebrew...

    Good question! I dont have the answer and first im going to sleep. Its 00;00 here.