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    Blain's Testimony

    Hi Blaine: I read your post and it tugged at my heart as others who read it I'm sure. I too had a difficult childhood, not ANYTHING as the posting you described. I felt lonely and angry at my parents for many many years. I was angry mainly for the lack of love. There were other issues but...
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    Who will Win

    Yes, this fits Joe Biden perfectly.
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    Who will Win

    Laughable ??????? So this means Biden's followers are also cult members. Interesting and also terrifying.
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    Who will Win

    I'm sorry that you have been "going through a whole mess of stuff in the mountains of E. Tennessee" I was not stating that I was "blaming a variety of presidents for miseries" I was addressing just one. (In the Senate for longer than some have been alive and had done little to nothing to help...
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    Who will Win

    Sorry hit the wrong button
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    Who will Win

    I wonder if people would feel the same if the tables were turned and Pres. Trump won ??? Just wondering if they could "move on"
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    Who will Win

    I can answer that one: The valid source is all of us that lived through it.
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    Who will Win

    Respectfully, I disagree that Biden is an "honorable man" he was ex-communicated from the Catholic church for his beliefs which is murdering babies, ABORTION - murder and up to the 9th month. I did not like a lot of Trump's tweets but getting past his personality I didn't vote for his...
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    2024 Biden's America

    We cannot loose hope or faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I understand all that you wrote, we are in troubled times, but we must trust in Jesus remembering Jer. 29:11 "For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you, says the Lord, plans for peace and well being and not for disaster to give...
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    BLM leaders practice 'witchcraft' and summon dead spirits.

    WOW a lot of information. With all that is going on I am relying on Jer. 29:11 ( God's plan for us ) although I for one fully admit I do not understand the reason for all the current happenings yet God has also stated in Isaiah "My thoughts are not your thoughts nor My ways are not your ways...
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    Biden blunders his words again

    Adding to my above point: Joe Biden just had another press conference at the end he turned and asked "Are you calling on people or am I ? You go ahead I don't have a list. Note this is the second time this has been done. 1st point: Questions were obviously given to him in advance (easy...
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    How Should Christians Vote?

    SK: Can you help me out here. GST judged one of your postings? Would you be so kind as to refer me to the post # I'm just somewhat surprised, but I sometimes live daily surprised, LOL Thanks ST
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    Biden blunders his words again

    I understand exactly where you are coming from for I too have done the same. I've never really followed politics until President Trump was elected and saw all that he faced throughout his years from the dems. My thoughts: I believe Joe Biden previously ran for President twice. With the...
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    Just Wanna Praise Him!

    Praise The Lord for this awesome thread. I've been through the 11 pages (and I am sure the pages will continue) as I, along with my many brothers and sisters in Christ glorified God. What a tremendous blessing to be able to turn on the computer and enjoy reading the praises going up to our...
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    It's just a phone app

    My belief: As long as we, as Christians trust in, depend on, and believe in God and His Word we will not be deceived. God's Word does state many will fall away, so again I stand by the above. We must continually look to and depend on God not by what we see, feel, hear and touch. "We are in...
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    It's just a phone app

    Nor Do I want to debate. I do not agree with your assessment that as Christians we have a "get out of jail free card" I DO believe in Jesus' Second Coming and although we may experience some tribulations on earth we will NOT experience the full WRATH of God. ( as you have expressed: "a get out...
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    It's just a phone app

    Prayerfully Jesus will come back before this happens. I am sad though for the many who will be left behind. But.... they will at least have a second chance to Accept Christ.
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    Dumb and Dumber

    Like my husband always says "You just can't fix stupid"
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    President Trump's Position on Gay Marriage

    Some questions: 1. What was said that was disrespectful ? AND when was it said ? 2. Do you have the name and the rank of the Vietnam Vet ? 3. What year did he serve ?
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    COVID-19 Deaths???

    Thank you Struggling for your post, very informative. To Eleventh Hour: This virus and statistics with reference to it may be boring to you BUT to a lot of us being informed of how the government is spending our tax payor dollars happens to be important as is the virus itself .GSP stated...