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    Surviving Covid 19 in the USA

    repost and I apologize for question 3 if this offends to some.
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    God created man and woman. Where did transgenders come from?

    Will a transgender inherit eternal life? Pls answer from whatever Christian group do you belong thanks.
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    Surviving Covid 19 in the USA

    It's been a long time not writing here. I am here to personally ask the conditions of my American Christian brethren all over the States from what ever Christian groups they belong. Here are my questions and I hope you wont mind sharing please: 1) Did the coronavirus pandemic helped you to...
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    Reposting for new members ande I hope more new answers here.
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    National Bible Day

    Despite of this if you are Pinoy Catholic, you are required to hate Duterte, try to oust him and support and love his political enemies. Anyone who refuses to do so is not a real Catholic in the Philippines. Anyway what I can quote from the Bible that we should always remember and not just...
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    How the Military Industrial Complex Controls America by Eric Zuesse

    POSTSCRIPT: On March 24th, Zero Hedge headlined an opinion-article “The Death of Democracy” and Alasdair Macleod said that, “The Deep State is on course to take control of Congress. If this happens, it will be the next step in a global trend of side-lining democracy in the West, driven in large...
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    How the Military Industrial Complex Controls America by Eric Zuesse

    The next day, Breitbart News headlined “Administration, Bipartisan Interventionist Establishment Kill Aisle-Crossing Effort to Rein In U.S. Military Involvement in Yemen” and presented a full and documented account, which opened: “The Senate resolution invoking the War Powers Act to demand the...
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    How the Military Industrial Complex Controls America by Eric Zuesse

    Thus, on 21 May 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump sold to the Saud family, who own Saudi Arabia, an all-time-record $350 billion of U.S. arms-makers’ products, which they’re now obligated to buy during the following ten years, with an up-front commitment of $100 billion during just the first...
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    How the Military Industrial Complex Controls America by Eric Zuesse

    Unlike corporations that sell to consumers, Lockheed Martin and the other top contractors to the U.S. Government are highly if not totally dependent upon sales to governments, for their profits, especially sales to their own government, which they control — they control their home market, which...
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    Dmity concluded his reply by summarizing his view like this: Cultural and social collapse are very far along. Financial collapse is waiting for a trigger. Commercial collapse will happen in stages some of which—food deserts, for instance—have already happened in many places. Political collapse...
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    Stage 5: Cultural collapse. Faith in “the goodness of humanity” is lost. The term “culture” means many things to many people, but it is more productive to observe cultures than to argue about them. Cultures are expressed through people’s stereotypical behaviors that are readily observable in...
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    Stage 1: Financial collapse. Faith in “business as usual” is lost. Internationally, the major change in sentiment in the world has to do with the role of the US dollar (and, to a lesser extent, the Euro and the Yen—the other two reserve currencies of the three-legged globalist central banker...
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    marriage partner for your adult children

    Better to marry late but you married the right person than marrying early but ended in separation. Most of the time, the right person for marriage is a long time friend or a best friend. I don't really advise dating to find potential lovers. I do advise that friends first before date.
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    Is Catholocism bad?

    If you belong to any Bible based groups, of course the answer is IT IS BAD. but these Bible based groups mostly scare their members that if you don't give 10 percent or other pecuniary offerings asked by their pastors, they will say that you are stealing God and God will curse you for it. In...
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    Immigration Invasion

    Should President Trump be blamed if a immigrant's child died in a detention center?
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    Former FBI director James Comey blasts House Republicans

    Happy New Year to all American and non American Christian brothers and sisters!
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    Can a man love ONLY ONE woman?

    Of course. Jacob married 4 but he loved most is Rachel. Elkanah the father of prophet Samuel married 2 women but he loved most is Hannah. What is the point of marrying a lot of women if one of them is your most loved? Then better to marry someone who think who has the best qualities in your...
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    My GOD is..

    God is our Main Parent.
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    Prayer request for me to have a better life

    Reposting this prayer. please pray for me before the year ends.