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  1. Desdichado

    Unpopular Opinions

    Post and discuss them here! The more unpopular the better. Ex 1) I hate mushrooms. I think only gnomes should eat them. Ex 2) Red, white, and blue is too common on political yard signs. Ex 3) Both Meet the Parents and its sequel are too banal to be funny.
  2. Desdichado

    Love Advice with Dr. Des

    Singles, Non-Singles, Are you feel'n lonely? :cry: Are you have'n trouble with your significant other? :mad: Are you so attractive that you just can't find a way to keep the ladies off your case? (I'm projecting here, of course) :whistle:o_O Look no further than this thread where Dr...
  3. Desdichado

    The Best Western European Culture

    An age-old battle royale that went out of style. Your reasoning is encouraged in the comments below.
  4. Desdichado

    Was Kanye Predestined to become a Christian or No?

    Surprised nobody has brought this up yet.
  5. Desdichado

    STAR WARS v. STAR TREK Discussion Thread

    Okay, which show is better? Who would win in a fight? Could they even meet for a fight? @Jenny23 -You asked for it!
  6. Desdichado

    What brings you to CC?

    What brings you to CC besides the usual reasons (boredom, the need for conversation, and so forth)? I work a kind of marketing job and sometimes haunt this place when I have a killer case of writer's block. It's why I've been here this past week anyhow.
  7. Desdichado

    The Karaoke Thread

    This thread is about all things karaoke. What do you like to sing? Do you have any cool stories? Where are some of the best karaoke shows where you live? Have you sung any new songs lately that you really like? Trying to make this one of those unending interest threads. We'll see where this...
  8. Desdichado

    Favorite Artists and Art Museums

    Who are some of y'all's favorite artists? Rembrandt is my favorite. I'll never forget seeing this in person. Blew me away.
  9. Desdichado

    Unpopular Opinions!

    Now that we have negative reactions, I figured I'd bring back this old classic for a new era. Let's celebrate playful disagreements!!!
  10. Desdichado

    Michigan mom deported to Albania, didn't get to say goodbye to family

    USA Today reports that Albanian national Cile Precetaj has been deported after a long legal battle with ICE. An asylum seeker, P. arrived in 2000 to avoid a dangerous ex and an Albanian crime syndicate. The mother of three was ejected from the US without notifying her family or being given the...
  11. Desdichado

    Does God exist outside of time?

    Thread title says it all. I don't know which way to go on this one. Give reasons why/why not.
  12. Desdichado

    4 Years in the Making

    Hey guys, I'm Des. Long-time listener, first-time caller. My reputation precedes me. Peace and Love. #MAGA. #imwithher. Eat at Joe's. -Des
  13. Desdichado

    Tommy, troll my bridge. Ask me riddles.

    Heh heh heh
  14. Desdichado

    Seoulsearch, why don't you come right out and say it?

    You dig Tommy. Mmmmmhmmm
  15. Desdichado

    Apologetic Journey Pt. 5: Apologetic Schools Cntd

    To get a better frame of reference for this piece, I strongly suggest you read Pt. 4 in this series where I briefly define each school. Here, I will explain how I will read/use texts from the other schools and better-define my preference for Classical Apologetics. The Classical School- My...
  16. Desdichado

    Apologetic Journey Pt. 4: The 4 forms of Apologetics

    When going about answering atheist questions, I have done two things- read their main source texts to get the full force of their arguments and then prioritize my reading of apologetic based on who may provide the best response. I've determined this by weighing the merits of the 4 main...
  17. Desdichado

    Apologetic Journey Pt. 3: Atheist Varieties

    Apologetics often depends on your audience. Muslims require one kind of apologetic. Errant Christian denominations require another. But in the postmodern age Atheists are the most common contender. Now to the main purpose of my piece: identifying different kinds of atheists. A common feature...
  18. Desdichado

    Apologetic Journey Pt. 2: Questions and Objections

    My dear one was a self-identified Christian for much of their life, but eventually, questions and objections seeped in. They either did not answer these questions sufficiently or did not care too. So, while I suspect a great reason why they fell away has to do with personal anecdotes and overall...
  19. Desdichado

    Apologetic Journey Pt. I: An Introduction

    Some weeks ago, a person very dear to me took the leap from Christianity to Atheism. Suffice to say, I love them, they're smart, and the issues and questions they've brought forth have triggered a minor existential crisis on my part. When I was a kid, I was very much into apologetics. Having...
  20. Desdichado

    Cyclists Anonymous

    A thread for all hobbyists who love two wheels and a chain. Some starting questions! Which type of cycling do you prefer? What bike or bikes do you own? What's your favorite? What do you enjoy most about the hobby?